Tonight, the Punishedbrats spanking network presents:The Assault


Taylor Rayne and Josh Paine.

Taylor has gone too far and assaulted another student. She is to receive her most embarrassing school spanking yet – a bare bottomed paddling broadcast on the school’s network for all to see!







To see this powerful and dramatic AfterSchool Special ( At least it’s one I’d like to see!) just click on the image below.

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5 Responses to “Tonight, the Punishedbrats spanking network presents:The Assault”

  • she shows no reactions, just keeps eyes closed, .

  • Dana:

    I’ll watch this when the whole video is available, but I love this premise. The tough girl at school, who gets in fights and bullies other girls, receives a shocking punishment for everyone to see. A more predictable scene would be the typical school swats, but a spanking, over-the-knee, on the bare bottom, with a small paddle must be so much more embarrassing for her. Big reason I like PB is because you come up with great scenarios for your fantastic models.

  • tim:

    Taylor plays a very naughty young brat and gets well spanked ,best,tim.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    For some reason, I just don’t think Taylor is going to learn. She does a good job portraying an attitude of “So what? I can do what I want,” and that keeps getting her in bigger and bigger trouble. Now the entire school sees her get her just desserts. How embarrassing. She asked for it. I will check it out when the full video is posted. Great idea.

  • Taylor is a tough kid,