Tonight’s Episode: Flawed it’s on the bare

Lorraine’s spoiled ways are tamed by a dose of the hairbrush from David
This video was very enjoyable to shoot. The story of the spoiled rich brat getting spanked by the head of the family came out exactly as I wanted. Lorraine shed a tear or two as the hairbrush landed on her sore bottom. Lorraine got into character and walked around the set looking like this.
Lorraine can play a sophisticated socialite or a bratty softball player.
To see a brief vid of tonight’s update click on glamour puss below.
For more of Lorraine click on the pic below.

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2 Responses to “Tonight’s Episode: Flawed it’s on the bare”

  • Jerry:

    The nasty hairbrush on a sensitive bare botty…the only way to deal with bratty daughters. David’s a hero- superb video and great photos. A real stingy botty for Lorraine though ! one of the best punished brats family examples ! (which is saying something- and yes Lily Anna does need to behave and avoid the same “bare botty” fate with this hairbrush)

  • David pierson:

    You are right