Tonight’s Update : Cookie Monster ( Whoops)



Okay, the update for tonight is Coookie Monster from the Public Relations series. While the videos are correct the pics are not. Pixie will fix them tomorrow.


Here is an example of what the video will look like.


So tomorrow night I will post some pics from that video. It is very hot.
So I will post a brief photo story by Pixie.
Pixie Says:
I adore Pandora more than ever having now watched the raw footage from our latest shoot. Both she and Veronica were fantastic in their roles and seemed to get along quite well … in those moments when Veronica wasn’t spanking the heck out of Pandora’s backside.


Pandora is one of the few that can look cute in such a dowdy maid’s uniform.








And what secret is Veronica trying desperately to keep? Guess you’ll just have to wait for the Pixie’s Previews video to find out.

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                       Tonights update brought to you by whatever the hell this is







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