True Remorse: The finale to the Five Days of Detention Series

Poor Joelle is going to need some ice to help cool her throbbing hot bottom.


















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7 Responses to “True Remorse: The finale to the Five Days of Detention Series”

  • tim:

    Young Joelle has had big whacks from Beverly ,best,Tim.

  • Kind of sorry this series is over. Joelle is due back in August.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Well, August is next month. :-)

    Joelle did very well and when Bev said she was going to be easier on her, it sure didn’t look easier! Especially at the very end. I think she drove it home that making compromising pictures of staff is not tolerated. I still thing the one of V was funny.

  • I should write a piece on Joelle. Rick shot the first shoot with her. Pixie called at 0600 that she was too ill to come. Then Kelly Lynn Sage didn’t show. I had hired her because she was a local. She was working with Lily anna the night before in no where new jersey. She blamed the hotel on not giving her a wake up call. Miss Chris spanked her very well.

    I haven’t been able to hire Miss Sage again. Hey, we shot with Brittany. That seemed as a remote possiblilty too not that long ago.

  • Miss Chris spanked Joelle well.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    You never know who will come your way for shoots. And Brittany was a good choice, even if she had the hebee-jebees the first time. I’m waiting to see Bronte again sometime, too.

    A blurb on Joelle would be nice. And the things you could tell about all the other gals…! (some you wouldn’t dare)

  • I have wanted to do a bronte shoot for ages. I had hoped for august, as I want to be the top. Perhaps september. I have a new shooter. Takes lots of stresss off of me.