Two weeks, two shoots: God am I tired!


Last week we , did our first ever, evening shoot. The shoot featured our new brat, Adrianna Evans. Today was our first coproduction with Joelle Barros Enterprises. I haven’t had time to download the pics yet. I will say this shoot was quite good. We introduced a new, male top named Michael Valentine.


Until then, you will just have to look at this picture of my mogul.




That is the only way to handle such a lovely mogul.



So I will how you a few pics from last weeks production with Adrianna Evans and, our own Veronica Bound.




377 (1) 389 395 401 404 485 521

These are not edited, but Pixie has then by now. I suspect that you will see a few this weekend. If I could, I would shoot every week, several days a week.


By the way, Adrianna lives in a house with several other cute girls, fetish models all. I’d love to put together a shoot featuring several girls at once. For that, I’d need a bit of backing. Now I’m off to sleep/







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