Unfortunate Occurrence : Well for Cadence anyway





Unfortunate Occurrence



Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound







With the home owner gone, Cadence and several of her friends attended a party at the Beardsley Estate. When the party became too wild, the police were summoned and Cadence was arrested. Not very happy at being required to pick up her daughter at two in the morning at the police station, Cadence’s mother decided that a hard dose of the strap was in order.


Cadence begged her mother to end her punishment and to never be part of such a party in the future. Unfortunately for her, her punishment didn’t end until her bottom felt as if it were on fire and the tears were streaming down her face. The tearful brat was instructed to remain in position and think of a way to apologize to Mr. Beardsley for the damage that she and her friend’s caused. All Cadence could think of was the pain that now radiated from her bottom.





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