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Veronica’s Job




Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound








By special request, we bring you another in the series of recently discovered Pixie videos. This is one of my favorites, too. I upgraded the video as best as I could and converted it to MP4. You will also find both photographs and video grabs inside.

Pixie had always been an entitled brat who could be very rude to Veronica, her nanny. One day Veronica instructed that it was time to put away her cell phone and do her homework. Pixie’s response was to pop a large hunk of bubble gum into her mouth and then to throw the wrapper on the floor while instructing Veronica to pick it up. The only thing that was picked up was Pixie, who found herself over Veronica’s lap. Earlier in the day, Veronica had been promoted to head of the household- and that included the discipline of this brat. Veronica noted that she wasn’t spanking Pixie for tossing the wrapper on the floor, rather it was for two decades of bad behavior.





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These Pixie scenes bring back such fond memories. This is a fantastic video. I’m so happy we found this. As I said, we need to spank Pixie. Maintenance of the videos was her job.

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Clicking Here


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7 Responses to “Veronica’s Job: spanking ain’t easy”

  • ZZtop:

    Why are you doing only FF now?

    I dont care if you ban my comment. You have to read it anyway.

    • admin:

      Why would I ban your comment? Since the death of my brother I need to shoot the material. Hard for me to be on camera but I have been. In all honesty the storylines just lent themselves to f/f material. That being said, two of our last three shoots are m/f . Both are in post production.

      • ZZtop:

        I think one comment i wrote before was never posted but never mind. I am sorry for your lost. Sorry if my comment has bothered you.

        The Cadende series with Veronica as top are great. Hope you can do another series with Cadence but mf this time. The mf she did previously was good but a bit like “i want more of this”.

        Bianca is cute.

  • The video with Pixie was heavily requested

  • Tim:

    David great to have another video with the beautiful Pixie ,best , Tim.

  • admin:

    Im going to cover the m/f f/f thing tonight