Waiting For Pandie: Run Pandie run






Waiting For Pandie



Pandie and Miss Lisa






Pandie’s mother received a call from school that she had been cutting class. Her mother informs her that she is to be spanked. Pandie protests that she is too old for such a childish punishment. He mother dresses Pandie in a manner befitting a three year old and declares ” If you are going to behave like a child, I will treat you as one”. Pandie is then given a bare bottom spanking.


After being made to dress as a little girl, and suffering a hard spanking from her mother, Pandie’s humiliation continues as she is made to serve corner time with her bare, spanked bottom on display.





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Pandie is adorable and loves to be spanked. Miss Lisa is terrific top. Such a terrific pair. This was shot on a snowy day a week before Christmas. It was a nice gift.




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