We had downtime

Hi Kids,  I got up this morning and went through my usualy checks. When I saw our number of visits were way too low, I called my webmaster who also  works for my hosting company. It turns out that we were down for a few hours this morning. I know it was after 0600 as I didn’t go to bed until then. To be honest, since we went with this hosting company our downtime has been little.


Since my webmaster was on duty I wish  that he would have given me a call or text. He noted that it was a hardware failure the led to the problem and that  that the hardware people were a bit slow on the response. I do wish  he had called me no matter the time. I have a way of getting things done. We were having a perfectly satifactory week…until today. Desite being down for but three hours these things just kill sales. It is 11.40pm as I write this.


Do help us out.




Honestly, this is so irritating. Can’t blame this on pirates.




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