We need your feedback

I am considering doing either a series or perhaps a new website featuring a more severe style of spanking.  I would produce and often be the top. I like playing hard very much.
























You get the idea.


About last nights update Ellen wrote



Pandora is perfect in that role and I love the scenario, but the actual spanking is too light and is a real let down.
A few cracks of a wooden ruler and watching Pandora’s reaction would have made this an instant purchase.
It’s what buyer’s want.


As I directed the video,  and being very familiar with that paddle, I know that Pandora’s spanking was substantial. That being said, is greater intensity desirable?

Let me know how you feel.




6 Responses to “We need your feedback”

  • Dave:

    If you asked 100 people about your site and content, you might get 100 opinions on it.

    You obviously can not please everyone — some are more into erotic styles, some into harder stuff, some into both, or one or the other depending on their mood at the time……so, I think if you make what you and your co-workers like and dig, folks will be cool with that, I think :)

    Another thought is to make the site more fresh and start to use more varied and new shooting locations; perhaps more outdoor locations; maybe give the site a make-over….I’m aware that is not easy and might be cost prohibitive. . . .

    Just a few random thoughts…….

  • Hi Dave, that is why they call it a fetish . We d as you say each time out. We prepare each shoot fr weeks. Hit the studio with energy .I’ve been very pleased with what we’ve been doing , but that is not leading to sales. This week is much better then last , but last week can only be considered a total cluster fuck .a series of unfortunate events led to one of our worst weeks ever. Sheesh, just as we approach year 7 as a members site .

  • Tim:

    David i try and comment here as i do at Pixies blog because you both deserve feedback ,best,Tim,.

  • Tim you are a true fob. Friend of brats.

  • Barsports:


    I think there is nothing wrong with harder scenes. In fact, I’d prefer to see more implements and slightly longer punishments. I remember you guys once did a scene where someone stole and pawned her mother’s jewelry and she only got a hand spanking. I remember thinking, gee, that doesn’t seem quite realistic. BUT I also really dislike some of these sites where the models bottoms are horribly marked up. To me, it’s a total turn off to see someone covered in bruises. Then it’s no longer watching a discipline/spanking video, and it’s some sort of S & M thing. To me, you’d be wise not to cross that line, and I say that as someone who loves to play hard.

  • Barpsorts what you say has been our stiugle. Since I took over creative control I have gotten 1001 complaints about severity and exposure .