Well that was interesting

Well I had an interesting exchange last night with a gentleman last night. I had written a piece about the manner in which the so-called free sites and piracy is slowly killing the industry. I noted that the giant Kink.com announced a cut back on their productions and will update only every other week. They will also cut prices. You know things are tough when they need to make such drastic changes. I noted that if people do not support us or, in lieu of us, a site of their choosing the industry will fail. I noted that many of the websites you see out there are not owned by who you think they are. Many websites were purchased by an enterprising young man for pennies on the dollar. The former owners were told that they would get to continue to produce material and be paid for their efforts.  However, if one pays a model their going rate you would lose money. I also mentioned that many sites out there are “ghost sites”. They are there but not updating.


My point was it is unfortunate that our industry has come to this. For some unknown reason, moments after I posted this I was attacked on twitter by another ” producer”? Not sure there site ever got off the ground. I could be wrong in that belief. For some unknown reason  this gentleman took umbrage to what I posted.  No idea why. I was in no way thinking of them when I wrote the piece.


My point was that if you value what we do here at Punishedbrats then support us. Intentionally, we have not raised prices since we opened.


$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring




If you value another site support them.  But your support is what allows us to shoot new material. Following Pixie’s advice, I do not go into debt to shoot. I will not spend what I have not got. I spent plenty in putting PB together.


( no other producer was harmed in the writing of this piece)


2 Responses to “Well that was interesting”

  • tristatedamsels:

    The business model is changing. People have to adapt and overcome. If they intend to stay afloat. Unfortunately the free sites. Are here to stay. Trying to get someone to pay for something. That they can get for free? Yeah good luck with that.

  • It is changing but if people aren’t going to support the business then it will go away. The free sites dry up with no material. The models who travel from city to city will have less work..at least work that pays a substantial amount.