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The week started out with a terrific, never before scene of Pixie and Miss Susan




Before posting I noted:



Many of you have requested that I post some of the “never before seen” Pixie videos. I love this video. Pixie looks as if she’s on a ski vacation and her jeans fit her so perfectly. I enhanced the video as best as I could and converted it to MP4 format.



So I present


Grounded or Spanking




Amber Pixie Wells and Miss Susan







Pixie had been grounded and was lamenting her fate when her mother walked in an offered her a way out. She could accept a spanking or remain grounded. Pixie quickly accepted the spanking. “Anything is better than being grounded,” she quipped. She changed her mind rapidly as her mother’s hand heated the seat of her jeans, the panties, then finally her bare bottom.




grounding2 grounding3 grounding4 grounding5 grounding6 grounding7 grounding8 grounding9


Another Pixie Video to come on Sunday by request: Although I fear that will need to be video grabs.



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The Principal’s Office




Audrey and Brittney









Audrey was sent to the principal’s office after calling her teacher a “bitch” when she was refused permission to use the girl’s room. Due to the severity of the offence, Audrey was given a bare bottom spanking.


After her bare bottom spanking was over, Audrey was required to bend over the back of the chair for several swats with the yardstick paddle. Audrey promised to never be disrespectful to anyone again should her punishment ever come to an end.




office1-2 office1-3 office1-4 office1-5 office1-6 office1-7 office2-1 office2-2 office2-3 office2-4 office2-5 office2-6 office2-7 office2-8 office2-9



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This series has been a hit with all. I was taking with Audrey last night who shoots butt cam for us.

She said, ” All I know is that it’s very hot!’.


This was shot in a professional theater before a live studio audience



Cadence Protests part 1


Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound





w- Part 1

Cadence stormed into Miss Veronica’s office, upset over her treatment the day before when she was given a bare bottom spanking in front of her entire class and made her protestation known to the new principal. Miss Veronica listened and then informed the entitled brat that it was time for her second day of corporal punishment. As Cadence removed her skirt as instructed, she had a sinking feeling. It was now clear that, as one of the most popular girls in the school, she was an ideal target to be made an example of. Her panties were lowered and she was bent over the desk as she pleaded for this punishment not to happen. She let out a loud shriek as her naked bottom felt the sting of the leather paddle.



protest1-1 protest1-2 protest1-3








protest1-4 protest1-5 protest1-6 protest1-7 protest1-8




This video has been a hit on both our website and DVD



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I am happy and grateful that we won ‘The Most Improved Website Award ‘ today from



This came in over the wire..er twitter..Yeah I know that I used this joke earlier

The results are in and it’s congratulations to David Pierson at Punishedbrats.com for winning this honor – I suspect that this would have something to do with improved video quality and some fantastic new models throughout 2014! Well done… this site deserved to win!

Winner – Punishedbrats.com

1st pb

See why this site won with improved video quality and some outstanding models
Including exclusive 1st timers spanking & getting spanked – 1st shown HERE


Thanks to all who worked with me on improvements. I know our site still looks great for 2005 but our video quality is finally as good or better than anyones. Next we want to offer streaming video as many have requested.  That requires some additions to our server or a new one. That will be our next move.

We’ve been shooting since July 2, 2005 and no one knew how much the technology would change in but a few years. 36k was the standard when we opened.


Our videos now come in at about 450 mb

Had one the other day that came in at 650 mb

So join us. We will continue to shoot terrific material and present it with the highest quality video



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