What About Bob, Amber’s Admonition



Have you seen Amber’s Vblog post. Of course you have. Her blog has amazing readership. In the oft chance you you haven’t seen this post look here.



   Now kids,  you and I something in common.  This was the first time that I’ve seen her ( video or otherwise) since January, 2012. I know how she’s been missed by you too. I loved her video, it was so Pixie. It displayed her visual creativity and amazing sense of whimsy.

When you watch this you will her talk of the rubbing of a bottom’s bottom. It seems that her position on the subject has evolved.


 Our video ‘ The Anxiety Of The Girl’ was prompted by her desire to do a spanking video with little talking, straight to the bare and no rubbing.


I loved the idea. I came up with the idea of there being no dialogue at all other than the sound of a bare bottom being spanked and the natural sounds the emanates from one’s mouth when being spanked.



                 anxiety100a anxiety100b anxiety100c anxiety100d anxiety100e anxiety100f anxiety100g

I learned something else about her preferences that day.



 The very first day I met her , Pixie told me ‘ If you really want to get me, spank me on my thighs”. I did so for years, at least until the day we shot the video above.



Strapped them too.


 The Anxiety film was shot with out breaks. As I spanked her and went to her thighs she kicked a said “no!”. I got the message. ( not the memo prior to the production)

Veronica never stopped going to her thighs.





 The other day I mentioned the Amber gave me hell. No one guessed why. It was about my piece on Bob.


It was my response to Bob’s comment ”

“I can’t buy websites that use the padded muffled brush. So blatantly phony.”

In re-reading my post, I may have a regret or two. I was very aware of what I was writing. I started denigrating him using terms such as fuckwad and later made a cogent argument against what I refer to as armchair sadists. I should say that Bob was enen more unkind in his full commentary.


Amber’s concern is that, perhaps, I offended some of you. If I did, i apologize. My intent was to address the issues posed by fools such as Bob.  I honestly love to hear from our fans.  I do not mind criticism at all, as long as it is respectful. The thing the I found most irritating about Bob’s remark was his diminishing the ” gift of pain” offered by Lorraine and Marisa.




                         flawed1 flawed2 flawed3



                 brush1-1 brush1-2 brush1-3 brush1-4 brush1-5 brush1-6 brush1-7 brush2-1


 I hope the explains the matter to everyone’s satisfaction. ( Amber?)


I/we love to hear from you.


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6 Responses to “What About Bob, Amber’s Admonition”

  • Tim:

    David an interesting post ,indeed Pixie does not like nasty language ,glad she sems to be better in health thank goodness ,best,Tim.,

  • Tim:

    just read this blog as computer playing up now and then please ignore first comment but i guessed when i read it ,Tim.

  • Tim:

    oh dear that was meant for your question on another post ,Tim.

  • No worries Tim . My vulgarity in that post was intentional. It wasn’t a thoughtless rant.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Your comment about Pixie “saying” “no” when you spanked her thighs is a bit of an understatement. She “yelled” “No” and kicked her feet as well. LOL I like that video, by the way.

  • It is my favorite. It sat in the can for a year. I showed it to friends and told them what I wanted. When pixie was acting she didn’t want me in the room. Kinda made it hard for me to direct . I saw the edited version over and over and something wasn’t right. Chloe Elise said to slow the first part down. Rick slowed it just slightly less than real time.he added the lovely music by Eric Satie . Pixie has a trick. When displeased she digs her pelvis into your leg. After we stopped filming I said”what the he’ll was that?”. She said “I hate being spanked on the thighs”. I noted that I must have missed the memo.