What Does ‘ A Daughter’s Discipline have to to with ‘ The College Girl and Her Nanny? Okay, I’ll tell you!

 Going back a few moths, we were very happy with the material we shot with Pi and wanted to bring her back. I wrote a story about a college girl who was so out of control that her father got her a nanny. It was to have starred Pi and Veronica Bound. The morning of the shoot I get a text form V, saying that she was very sick. If you know our V, that could mean many things. In the entire time I’ve known Veronica she had never missed a scheduled shoot. She had fallen down stairs and showed up for her shoot. She was asked for a divorce hours before a shoot, yet still made it to the set. Sometime being very sick meant HANGOVER! What i didn’t know was that V had been assuaulted the night before and had a concussion. I always carry ” just in case wardrobe”. If I’m supposed to work I have suits with me. If you look at what I’m wearing in ‘A Daughter’s Discipline’..no suits. Fortuneately, Pi and I had a great rapport and I spanked her good all day. I went from a Nanny thing, to a Daddy thing. The tone of the video is based on Pi’s sophistication despite being a very young woman.

when I wrote the ‘ Nanny’ video, Pixie was still on the shelf.  She asked if she could edit the Pi video. I was thrilled. She told me that she loved the Nanny video and insisted that we persist in shooting it. We looked for the perfect ‘College Brat’ and found Audrey. Pixie also suggested Alexis Steele as V remained out of action with post concussion syndrome.

 The video came out wonderfully. You’d be surpised how hard it is to put a concept back into play once it’s time has passed. You move on to other ideas. Pixie persisted and, hence, ‘The College Girl and the Nanny’ came your way. You seem to like both videos quite a bit.

We put this video out on DVD long before we planned to, as some many of you wanted to see Pixie spank the hell out of Alexis.

Both of these vid are available on DVD.

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