Where to start

In the past few months. I’ve heard little from two women once near a dear to me.


Let me start with Lorraine Little.


Lorraine contacted us after hearing how cool we were to work with by Angelina and others. She had shot with my friends Micheal Diamond and Angelina, his then lover.


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She contacted us under the name of Sweet Little Lorraine.


She did many spetacular shoots with us. Her very first scene was Shift Change with Veronica Bound. I assure you all that I checked her ID several times.


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Now let me tell you that this child was not so innocent was one would think. After meeting her I quickly learned that she worked as an unclothed bartender at a swingers club in Philadelpia. I knew another girl who did the same. Juliet Valentina.


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Juliet was a Barrymore Award Wining Actress and a naked Bartender at the same club as Lorraine. I know for a fact the Juliet and her ex-husband Tony made more money from brats than they ever made from acting. They both were highly invested in the, what is now referred to as the polyamourous lifestyle.

Juliet is now doing very well as a Musical Theater performer.


Today I learned that Lorraine was pregnant and was going to marry her baby daddy. I will tell you that Sweet Little Lorraine likes the girls, so her future husband has many a happy year ahead of him should he know how to play his cards correctly.



Lorraine reminded me to some extent of Rosaleen Young. From 2002-2005 Rosaleen was the first major spanking model of the post modern age. While Rosaleen was a highly sexual person, she was also highly conflicted.


Like Rosaleen, Lorraine is very religious and very sexual. Check out that tats on her wrists.


I got to tell you that I looked in over 1000 frame of photograhs and could not find a pic with the cross tatoos in Lorraine’s wrists.


I will always remember Lorraine fondly



I just watched Pixie’s most recent video blog. Again let me attest to its entertainment value. Amber Wells is an amazing editor. Speaking of editing. her discussion of the confidence required by spanking models now would be in conflict with the person she was in the beginning. As the pics from then belong to Clare Fonda I don’t have a bloody thing to show you.

It was August of 2005 and I took her to the Shadow Lane Party in Palm Springs. Pixie agreed to shoot for Claire. She was not at all worried about being spanked, she dreaded being interviewed on camera. She sat in my lap and cried as the time approached that Miss Fonda would arrive. A few minutes before Claire arrived, Pixie collected herself and performed like the professional she is and the star she was to become. Do check out her post.




It is adorable. Hell, I’m thrilled to get five comments. She’s upset is she doesn’t get 15 to a post om her blog. I’m happy with five. I may need an adorable Blonde girl ( Pixie is a real Blonde) to write my blog.


 I hope you all join me in whishing Lorraine 1001 years of happiness




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