With A Little Help From My Friends: It was quite a lot actually. ( Don’ tell anyone)


Here at Punishedbrats, in a effort to adjust to the ever changing landscape of our industry, we’ve been looking at new ways of bringing you new and different ways to entertain you. It wasn’t than long ago when my dear friend, and young business mogul, Joelle Barros approached me about doing a special project together.  She introduced me to the brilliant Michael Valentine, who was to play the male lead and write the story.  This was a true co-production of Punishedbrats media, Joelle Barros Enterprises and Michael Valentine Technology










The three of us produced this series. I thing it was a fresh look at a staple of the spanking genre. The Spanked Schoolgirl. I believe the undercurrent to this story is ” To Sir with love’. Not in a creepy way, but I believe that schoolgirl Joelle’s acting out had to do with moving on and missing her mentor.


I actually think about such things as motivation.  It was fun to work as a team once again. I miss the days when our shoots were put together by Rick, Pixie and me. In recent days, the actual shoots have been my purview alone. Pixie handles the video and photo editing.  With her inability to shoot due to illness we rarely get interact in the old way.


So, the collaboration between Joelle, Michael and me brought back many a fond memory and created new ones.  Since then , Michael  has been helping me with a range of technological ideas and innovations.  You can friend Michael on Fetlife here




Last night we debuted the series called ‘ The Strict Headmaster’ . We got lots of positive feedback from many of you.




past1-1 past1-2 past1-3 past1-4 past1-5 past1-6


You can see the Pixie’s Previews video by clicking on the image below.





I am grateful to both Michael and Joelle for this special experience.





Joelle has been a good friend for sometime. In the past year she has become a major star of spanking cinema.  I couldn’t be more proud of her. Even without that,  she is a young woman of class , sophistication, erudition and business acumen.



dinner1 dinner2 dinner3 dinner4 dinner5

A woman of uncommon beauty




Believe  it or not, this young person has just started to use Twitter. I want you all to follow her  here



Joelle has a lovely , promotional website with stunning photography .





Follow her on Fetlife too













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