With Gratitude to Brats who made 2014 Special





I consider myself a fortunate person. It is my privilege to work regularly with so many beautiful, talented and intelligent girls.


This is my public expression of gratitude to our brats.



A lot of you have mentioned that we have been pushing the envelope during the 2014 season.    Adriana was a major influence for me this year.





It was when we were shooting our six scenes of spanking series when her amazing performance stunned me.




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She throws herself into each scene, Mind, body and soul.





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Mandie Rae







We did so much this year featuring this amazing  brat




intake1 intake2 intake3 intake4






She looks like an innocent child but I assure you she is neither a child no innocent. She is a highly intelligent person who lives the way she chooses.





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Penny Stone





One of my favorite nerds.


She is in that special level of spanking performer. She has pain tolerance in the Pixie or Ten level.




earned2-9 earned2-10 earned2-11 earned2-12 earned2-13 earned2-14





Audrey Sugarsmack





Audrey has been a part of the PB family since 2011. When she’s not oncamera she shooting our ” Butt Cam”.  She has been an amazing support to me over the years.



IMG_8709_edited IMG_8710_edited IMG_8715_edited IMG_8718_edited IMG_8725_edited





Joelle Barros


Of our active roster, Joelle has been with us the longest. She was the last  to be directed by my brother.  Not only is she an amazing talent she has come to my rescue often. She is one of those top stars in the spanking industry .





joellepromo1 joellepromo2 joellepromo3


Cadence Lux





Cadence opened our year as she was spanked by Joelle. I had heard that she was in Los Angeles working, otherwise I’d  have  had had her back sooner.




confession1-6 confession1-7 confession1-8 confession1-9 confession1-10 confession1-11


A few weeks ago, Veronica told me that she wanted to work with Miss Cadence. We put together a story that is both sexy and a bit disturbing . Shot before a studio audience




getting1-1 getting1-2 getting1-3 getting1-4 getting1-5 getting1-6 getting1-7 getting1-8 getting1-9 getting1-11 @CadenceLuxXXX


Laci Star





She shot a terrific series with Veronica the disappeared to the wilds of green mountain. We are working on bringing her back.




always2-1 always2-2 always2-3 @LaciStar_xo always2-4



Bianca Rose






Such a lovely girl and such a professional. We hope to bring her back soon.



bianca10 bianca8 bianca9







Veronica Bound




I can’t stop without thanking Veronica. She has been with us from the beginning




One of the best tops in the world. I love her to death.


Doing this may be stupid. There is so much to say. My appreciation  of all of these talented women  knows no bounds.


I guess i’m trying to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my friends.


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