Yesterday’s Shoot: Amber Pixie Wells


Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t laid  eyes upon Amber Pixie Wells in nearly two years. Her final time onset was January, 2012.  It was for the filming of   ‘Audrey’s True Confessions’.  Thank God she was there that day. The shoot was to have happened the week before but I had just gotten out of the hospital following a pulmonary embolism. I wasn’t supposed to be doing much of anything but, as the saying goes,  the show must go on . I hardly remember the shoot as my right lung was significantly  injured . Amber Wells directed that shoot and ran the main camera.  After that , her health took a turn for the worse.


I’ve known Pixie for many years now. I won’t bore you with the details as it must have been said before. What stuck me most about seeing Miss Wells yesterday is the way she has matured from a shy girl with an amazingly high tolerance to a mature woman with confidence.  In that time,  Amber Wells has become the hardest spanking woman that I know. It’s not just  that she’s just a hard spanker, but her technique is flawless, precise.

I remember when Rick tried to get her to do a short scene in which she spanked another girl and wouldn’t do it.


She first experimented at topping on camera with her friend Lily Anna. I refereed to it as their vaudeville show. They could finish each other’s sentences.  Usually one would spank the other then the tables were turned.





Pixie was a natural.  Her demeanor changed when she spanked.


Pixie had gotten ill in March of 2010. When she returned this girl had developed into a fearsome switch .



I will always remember the way she spanked Ashley Graham and Misha.  Both did not know what hit them.


mischa1 mischa2


ash1 ash2

Just for the record, that was Ashley’s first scene of the day.

When working as a top, I refer to her as Miss Wells.


Yesterday, after Tara dropped out I was concerned for Audrey.  It was during the filming of ‘The College Girl and the Nanny’ when Audrey first saw a very ill Miss Wells turn the bottom of Alexis Steele to all the colors of the rainbow. She was a bit stunned.


Yesterday, Audrey really wanted to shoot with Amber. Despite the fact that she was there as a camera person, she brought clothes with in case she got the opportunity to shoot.


In the first scene, Audrey played Amber’s lazy roommate .  When Miss wells landed her first spank Audrey let out a scream.  After the first scene, Audrey asked Mr. Valentine to pick her up some arnica. She was going to need it.


To Audrey’s credit she made it through all three scenes with Miss Wells and two with Michael ( Big Hands ) Valentine.  She was truly  done after Miss wells had spanked her, but she toughed it out.


Seeing Amber yesterday triggered to many emotions. I miss being part of a team. The PB team was Rick, Pixie and me. Partners all with skin in the game. I’ve been running PB on my own mostly.  Amber has remained as the webmaster during her long convalescence , but her presence was missed onset.

There are people upon whose counsel I rely. Mr. Valentine, Joelle Barros , Veronica and Audrey. Truthfully, I wanted Audrey there to run the camera and to collaborate with me as a member of the production team. With Amber being there I wanted all to go well.


Here are a few pics from yesterday. One I had to wait for. Can you guess which one?











2 Responses to “Yesterday’s Shoot: Amber Pixie Wells”

  • IMLX:


    Thank you for this post — so great to see Amber to be able to film again. And from the photos, it’s easy to see that swats she administers definitely have lots of force behind them. Really, really great that she is on camera again.

    I hope you and Amber come to BBW 2014 — I wasn’t able to attend last year but have been hoping to meet you for a long long time — and I’ve already booked my tickets for this year. I had the pleasure of meeting Joelle at Shadow Lane this past September and as you have said in many posts, she’s is an awesome lady — sweet, polite, elegant and as I told her, she looks even more beautiful in real life than in photos/on film.

    Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and the Punished Brats family.

    -IMLX (aka Alex)

  • Tim:

    David glad the shoot went well and Pixie was well enough to play ,best wishes from ,Tim.