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Happy New Year: A look back at 2011

 Thank you for the support that you’ve shown us over the past five years. We love doing this. 2011 was a year that brought with it much change. Illness put Pixie on the shelf for several months. I’m not sure that most of you are aware of this, bit Pixie may be the most prolific spanking performer in history. Only Samantha Woodley could be close. We think back with fondness to Rosaleen Young, Peaches, Kiri Kelly and many others. None, but the aforementioned Miss Woodley can come close to Pixie impressive body of work.

(Pixie’s first scene as a bottom sine March of 2011)

  It is good to have her back. My partner in crime was missed.

 In June of this year, we lost my brother to cancer. He had been dealing with his illness the entire time we’ve been in operation.

 To deal with these problems I had to make some changes.  In 2011 we started to shoot an entire series.  Angelina in ‘The Dark Angel’, Audrey in ‘ The Nanny and the College Girl’, Amaya Solace in ‘ Discipline at home’ and many more. Most of there are featured on our site and DVD. Here is a quick look back

 This is the College Girl and The Nanny. We intended to release this much later but there was much demand  for ths one. To see the trailer just click on the image

The Contract was a series conceived by the devious mind of Pixie. She found an actual brochure and contact.

This starred Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound

 The we shot two series with the amazing Ten

Click on the pic to see the trailer

  We shot a series called ‘ Discipline at Home & School’ with Taylor Rayne

                                   Then there was Art & Discipline with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci


Also, there was ‘ Discipline In The Home’

with Amaya Solace

So what coming up?

To be relased in early 2012 will be a very intense series with Pi

And a video we just shot with Joelle Barros ‘ The Penance Of A Schoogirl’

                            So if you want to see these videos on our website just click on the banner below.


To check out the DVDS click on this image:


We are already working on our first project of 2012.

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Smoking in the Woods: Bad For Your Heath? Does cause pain To the bottom

Smoking In The Woods – part 1
Taylor Rayne & Josh Payne ( Yes he spanked  her on the plain)

Taylor is caught smoking in the woods with classmates during gym class and once again must report to Headmaster Payne’s office. While the other girls get off with detention, it’s back in position for more tough discipline with a hand spanking for Taylor.













                         To see this terrific video just cliack on the image below.

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The College Girl and The Nanny- A New DVD

 Now you can’t say that we never do anything for you guys.   We had gotten several requests to make this video available long before we planned to. Many of you wanted to see Pixie spank the hell of of Alexis Steele. That was Pixie’s first time on camera in eight months.

Here are a few pics from the DVD.








       Still not satisfied? Okay.. click on the image below to see the trailer

 Should you want to buy the DVD just click on this image.

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The Resolution: We bid a tearful farewell to the Dark Angel saga

Angelina is growing accustomed to her mistress’ strict discipline.







 To see the video on our site just click on the image below

 To purchase the DVD just click on the image below.


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A Classic look..or so I think

 Over the Christmas weekend , Pixie posted this photo and caption

Seasons Spankings To All Of You From Punished Brats


 That was a picture of Joelle Barros being spanked by Beverly Bacci in our story called ” A Schoogirl’s Pennance’.

The photos of Pixie, I took, the rest were shot by Miss Wells herself. I am looking forward to seeing the video, currently in the hands of Pixie.

Joelle on the Corner: Photo by Pixie


Joelle's Photoshop error: Photo and art work by Pixie


Pixie spanked as Joelle watched: Photo taken by me


Pixie Spanked: Different by me


Joelle Spanked: A Pixie pic


The new studio accorrded us with greater space and cacpity to make a schoolroom look like a school room. Do let me know what you think.

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