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Taking a risk: The return of Brittany

Has it really been over five years since we last worked with Brittany?  I now laugh when I think of that shoot. Brittany AKA Jordana Leigh was referred to us by Greg of Bun Beating Fun.

 On the day of the shoot, Brittany showed up a neveous wreck. It was like spanking a female version of Woody Allen. It took us fours hours to shoot two scenes. The last scene I just took her over my knee and spanked her good with the hairbrush.

Despite that, I like Brittany/ Jordana very much.  Sarah Gregory had nothing but praise for her recent work. Plus I am bringing in a very special top.

Her are a few pics from her orginal shoot.



Now here are a few pic of Jordana




So wish us luck. To see the Brittany vids just click on the image below.

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Contrition – part 1 with Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound

After behaving well for a number of weeks, Charlie has a lapse in judgment and skips school. She knows what she has coming to her and waits nervously in her bedroom for Veronica to administer her punishment dressed only in her bra and panties. A truly remorseful Charlie is then thoroughly spanked in classic OTK position








To see this video click on the image below

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Pixie’s Preview of the recent Piper shoot

Pixie did an amazing job on this. My brother always said this was the hardest thing to edit.





To see the video click on the image below.


                 To go to our website just click on Piper

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Educating Mary Jane: A sorry schoolgirl

Mary Jane sniffles her way through her punishment as her bottom is spanked until it’s red and well marked.








To see this naughty eighteen girl get the spanking she deserves click on the image below.

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Our artists in residence

Many of Brats are accomplished artists.

Beverly Bacci is a renowned multi-media artist. She always had a special flair and sense of style. Pi is also an artist.  It was a few months ago when the two met. Beverly was there to help me shoot our first series with Pi. I pressed Beverly into action. This was no small feat as Beverly had retired from on camera work a few months prior.

Here are a few pics of the two with Beverly spanking Pi.




Speaking of Pi, it seems that our most recent series with the lovely, tall beauty with that spankable bottom has proven a bit controversial.

The series is called ‘ Discipline of a Difficult Daughter’. Some love it and others have found it disturbing.

Here are a few pics from the series. Write me and tell me what you think. No comment on the hair! Mine that is.




To see the series just click on the image below.

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