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Our Young Tops

I have been astounded by the emergence of three of our young ladies into fearsome spankers.

Miss Amber Wells: I  just can not call the Merciless spanker that is Amber Wells, ” Pixie”. Her entire demeanor changes as a top.

” I spank as I like to be Spanked… hard!”, Pixie warned before spanking one of our brats.



Pixie spanking Lorraine



Miss Wells Spanking Ashley.


Miss Wells spanking Juliet.

 We were fortunate that Beverly Bacci returned from her retirement to be a fantastic spanker of Brats.

Ironically, we all saw this side of her emerge while paddling Pixie. I had never seen anyone dominate Pixie is such a manner.



Last week she loosed her talents upon the bottom of new brat Dixon Mason. I especially like the scene done on top of the desk.



To quote Miss Amber: ”

“Dixon proved to be a perfect rebellious brat and Beverly truly personifies the cool demeanored aristocrat.”


Then there is Audrey. A few weeks ago she made her on camera debut as a spanker. And she spanked the living hell out of Brittany. ( That’ll teach her for showing up an hour late)






I look forward to see these young tops many more times.


 To follow their progress just click on the image of Pixie spanking Mischa.



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Spanking The Nanny – part 1

Starring Alexis Steele and Miss Amber Wells.

Alexis’ boss pays her an on the job visit to discuss Audrey’s drinking while under her care. Alexis may be used to being the one to dole out the punishment, but as her boss, Ms. Wells believes it’s the nanny herself that is in need of strict discipline.














If you are to be spanked by Miss Wells, be afraid, be very afraid. Check it out by clicking on the image below.


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Spanking: To bare or not to bare

It is my firm belief that a disciplinary spanking is properly administered on the bared bottom.    The humiliation of a young lady having her bottom exposed for spanking is part of the punishment. Not everyone agrees with me on this. My brother preferred what we call the peel. A spanking starts over clothing, then undies then bare.

 I belive that the video ‘ Anxiety of the Girl Waiting’ is a good example of a firm bare bottom spanking.





 It is almost a universal truth, that  a girl will let out a gasp as her panties are lowered for punishment.


To me tears are a special gift.



Of course these brats cry with good reason.



I am interested in your thoughts on the matter. Do write me at

       Now to check out our bare bottom spankings just click on the pic of the very sorry girl below.

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Careless Brat – The Full Story

With Lorraine and Beverly Bacci

Lorraine has little concept of how costly her carelessness has been. After her strapping, Beverly sends her to her room to think it over








To see this video just click on the image below.

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A Spanking Before Bed – part 1

With Mary Jane Marley and David Pierson


Even though Mary Jane was grounded, she didn’t come home right after school. When she’s confronted, she tries to lie to David which earns her a blistering hairbrush spanking at bedtime.















To see this bad child get the spanking she needs just cliick on the tearful image of Mary Jane below.


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