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A Change Is Going To Come




Things will be changing here over the next few months. On the positive side I am working with Michael Valentine Technologies to bring you more choice in how you can ( legally) view our films. Michael is a tech genius, whose help has been invaluable over the past couple of months. I’ve also been collaborating with Joelle Barros of Joelle Barros Enterprises   (JBE) and Pandora Jones aka Sexy Pandora. Audrey has been of great assistance as well.

Michael Valentine spanks Joelle Barros

Michael Valentine spanks Joelle Barros



Pandora Spanks Audrey

Pandora Spanks Audrey



Joelle Barros just looking amazing

Joelle Barros just looking amazing



What changes would you like made to our site? Write me.



On the negative side, it looks as if there may be a change in our line up. I’m not ready to talk about this, as I hope things could go another way.


Just let me say that sales this week have been awful. The fact that we have income coming in from various sources has helped, but we mainly live and die by what we bring in via memberships. Over the pat two years we’ve seen our income drop by over 50%.

Until recently, Pixie made her living by serving as our webmaster, photo and video editor. Until her health left her, she was the top star of her time. Now, to make ends meet, she is doing sessions and other things that is not the best thing for her to do with her health issues. With the decrease in our income, Pixie’s income has dropped as well.





Many people read her terrific blog and write her with question about life, love and spanking. I know that most of those doing so are not members of Punishedbrats.  I know that we have never increased our prices.


$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership

                         $22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


I remember my father telling me that if you value something you need to support it or it will go away. That’s all that I’m going to say here.


Should we alter our product? We are often asked to be more severe while others tell us we are too harsh. What do you think. Should we start a new website? What would you like to see? My inclinations run towards the more disciplinary style.

I like trying things as well. Despite the cringe factor endured by my son and Pixie, I enjoyed the hell out of shooting this scene.














Aside from buying a membership, how can you support punishedbrats? Good question?

You can buy DVDS. We just lowered our prices to $30.00 We are exploring new ways of bring the DVDS to you.

You can find our videos on Clips4sale


I’ve been converting many of our videos to mp4 format there.


Currently I am writing the scripts for Saturday’s shoot. It’s a custom video. This is five scenes of spanking. Five different stories.

Adrianna Evans will star as the brat




and Audrey doing the spanking.




Write me at with you thoughts.
















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The Past Is Prologue: can the future be retrospective?


The Past Is Prologue


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine






Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again,   gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine.

Joelle will need to be on her best behavior for the remainder of  the year or else she will find herself bottom up on a regular  basis.




past2-2 past2-3 past2-4 past2-5 past2-6


To the preview video just click on the image below.



$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership   

 $22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring                        

$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


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This video is available on Clips4sale

I’ve been converting several of our videos into MP4 format there too. We should be able to do this on our site soon .


You can find this video on the Spanking Library too


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Coming attractions and other stories



Pixie says: From Last Weeks shoot







It takes skill and an artistic flare to match the color of a  girl’s bottom to the precise color of her hair. Beverly Bacci   proves that she is just that talented as she spanks Kayleigh May to a brilliant shade of red.


I had lots of fun shooting this brat. Speaking of shooting, we are back in the studio to shoot a commissioned work this Saturday. A gentleman named Scott Henry is our benefactor. Instead of shooting a full series, we are shooting several different stories.

Mr. Henry chose Adriana Evans to be in the project. He had also chosen Veronica to do the spanking, but due to her fractured leg suffered in an auto-accident Miss Audrey will do the honors. Adriana has been a big hit with our fans.














Audrey is a terrific switch too.




I spoke with Mr. Henry today and we reviewed the stories that we are to tell.  I love working with specific goals in mind. We have shot a lot in the past few weeks.


I had a very pleasant conversation with Pixie late this afternoon. It seems that a few things will be changing here on the farm. She and I will talk of that later. Today she and I joked about the simulated sex scene the I had shoot with Miss Pandora. In the course of our discussion I noted that I thought my son did a great job on main cam ( with Audrey on cam 2) in shooting that scene. ( He did exactly as I told him. It was a series of complicated shots. ) Pixie said that she believed that he was less than pleased as Pandora and I rolled about in my bed, my wife’s side of the bed. She noted that through the microphone she could hear him groan and say things like ” Oh my God! Jesus Christ” You get the picture.


Too bad kid.











Tomorrow I need to finish the scripts for Saturday. This should be fun.



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Emergency Funds – part 1: This video has a hot factor, not all emanating from Pandora’s spanked bottom



Emergency Funds – part 1



Miss Pandora and David Pierson




Pandora used the money in her emergency funds account set up by her  ex-husband to buy a fancy dress. Her ex, David, comes over  under the guise of a little romance but then spanks her for   the careless spending.



emergency1-1 emergency1-2 emergency1-3 emergency1-4 emergency1-5 emergency1-6


To see the preview video just click on the image below.






There is a bit of a story. Pandora and I did a bit of a simulated sex scene. Aside from some nudity, her not me, it was well shot but tame…. My son shot it. As I was filming this I thought of Pixie’s reaction to this. She said something so nice that it stayed with me. Pixie said, ‘ I had to edit it looking through two fingers. I mean you’re like family’.  That was nice to hear.


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The Week That Was At Punishedbrats



Rent Check


Adriana Evans and Veronica Bound




Adriana is a few days late with the rent and when she claims that the check was eaten by the dog that wasn’t supposed to be on the property, Veronica is not amused.


Adriana  probably wishes she didn’t keep wooden spoons in her apartment


where Veronica could find them!



rent2-1 rent2-2 rent2-3 rent2-4 rent2-5 rent2-6 rent2-7

Past Is Prologue: The Strict Headmaster Series Begins


Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine

( This is a Punishedbrats Media, Joelle Barros Enterprises and Michel Valentine Technologies Production)







Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model  student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again,    gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine.





past1-2 past1-3 past1-4 past1-5 past1-6 past1-7



Language Lesson



Ariel and Miss Sydney




When Ariel is asked what she learned from her painful week long  detention so far, she replies with vulgarity. Clearly she  hasn’t learned quite enough so Ms. Sydney must teach her a  lesson about the use of dirty words.Ariel won’t be able to find any position to sit comfortably for a while after getting her bottom and thighs thoroughly spanked by Ms. Sydney.



language2-2 language2-3 language2-4 language2-5 language2-6 language2-7


Please support Veronica, who had her leg broken in an auto accident. It is a most severe injury. If you can send a car and a few dollars to support our friend please do.



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