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Date Night part 1: You’re going to do what?








Date Night part 1



Cadence Lux and Joelle Barros









When Joelle returned home unexpectedly, she found her little sister taking a bath instead of attending her afternoon classes. When asked why she was home Cadence replied , ” I’m getting ready for a big date tonight”. With that, Joelle drags Cadence intro her bedroom and straps the naked girl over a leather couch.





date1-2 date1-3 date1-4 date1-5 date1-6 date1-7 date1-8



To see the video preview just click on the image below









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Mr. Valentine





Joelle Barros






Cadence Lux




Tomorrow look for pics from yesterdays shoot with Laci Star







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A Special week At Punishedbrats




This was a special week here at Punishedbrats. We finally were able to put out part one of Chapter one of our ‘ Three Strikes’ series with Mandie Rae. It took a lot of time in post production a we wanted to introduce our new video format.


Cutiepie of made a video grab to illustrate the quality of the video







On top of that, this is a production that I’ve wanted to do for ages. Chapter one is Domestic Discipline in which a father spanks his daughter for committing a third crime in a not to distant future . (I refuse to say dystopian)







Let us start with

Concerned Father, Little Anarchist Part 1



Mandie Rae and Michael Valentine



Mandie had just been arrested for underage drinking and the theft of the alcohol in question. This was her third offense . In the past she had gotten away with her misdeeds, using her innocent looks and cuteness as her defense. Her father confronted her about her behavior but she felt that he was overreacting. ‘ Your lawyer’s will get me off again silly’, she quipped. Her exasperated father explained that as this is her third strike and that under the edicts of the newly formed government she is facing Discipline Camp. She responded that she wasn’t afraid of Discipline camp. Her father then took her over his lap and spanked her bare bottom to give her but a sample of the punishment yet to come.


( Don’t you miss Pixie’s concise copy?)





concerned1-2 concerned1-3 concerned1-4 concerned1-5 concerned1-6 concerned1-7 concerned1-9 concerned1-10 concerned1-11





Math Tutor



Audrey and Amber Pixie ( The Destroyer) Wells





Audrey was doing poorly in calculus and enlisted the services of the best math tutor at the university. Miss Wells will not tolerate anything less than her students best efforts. When Audrey failed to do her assignment , she found herself over her tutor’s lap for a hard spanking with a hairbrush over the seat of her tight jeans, panties and then, bare bottom. As she was being spanked, Audrey was required to keep her eyes on the paper containing her undone assignments



Pixie instructs Audrey in the basic laws of mathematics as the hairbrush falls upon Audrey’s bottom in intervals of 2.3725 seconds. Audrey promised her stern instructor that from here on she will be putting forth more effort. Upon completion of her punishment , Audrey is left to stand by the chair upon which she was punished and work on math problems with her bare spanked bottom exposed.





math1-2 math1-3 math1-4 math1-5 math1-6 math1-7 math1-8 math1-9 math1-10 math2-1 math2-2 math2-3 math2-4 math2-5 math2-6 math2-7 math2-8





Neighbor Relations



Pandie and Miss Lisa



neighbor1-1 neighbor1-2 neighbor1-3 neighbor1-4 neighbor1-5 neighbor1-6 neighbor1-7 neighbor1-8 neighbor2-1 neighbor2-2 neighbor2-3 neighbor2-4 neighbor2-5 neighbor2-6 neighbor2-7 neighbor2-8












You can see the preview videos by clicking on the image below








I have seen the edits of both ‘ Three Strikes’ with Mandie Rae and ‘Cyberpunk Punished’  with Penny Stone. If you love pure , hard discipline you will love these films. I’m thrilled.


IMG_1589_edited IMG_1667_edited IMG_1677_edited



penny6 penny7 penny8 penny9



Tomorrow er..later today, we are shooting with Laci Star. Laci’s spanker will be the amazing Veronica Bound.  We haven’t seen our V since last October due to an auto injury.



Laci Star

Laci Star


Veronica spanking Pixie

Veronica spanking Pixie





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Michael Valentine




Joelle Barros



de Mandie Rae









Penny Stone



Amber Pixie Wells







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Neighbor Relations or never be rude to Mrs. Miller




Neighbor Relations


Pandie and Miss Lisa









Pandie was disrespectful to an elderly neighbor so her mother thought of an ingenious way of punishing her. The bratty girl was spanked in a standing position with wooden spoon on her bare bottom. What made this punishment even more humiliating was that Pandie was spanked by the picture window and the elderly neighbor could witness her discipline from her house.



With each swat of the wooden spoon Pandie jumps and wiggles as if doing a dance. Soon, she is promising her mother that she will always be respectful to all of their neighbor’s. After her spanking, Pandie’s punishment is not over. She is made to stand in the kitchen, before the large picture window, with her spanked , bare bottom on display. She is thoroughly embarrassed knowing that she can be seen by the neighbors and her friends.





neighbor2-2 neighbor2-3 neighbor2-4 neighbor2-5 neighbor2-6 neighbor2-7 neighbor2-8 neighbor2-9



To see the video preview just click on the image below



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Mr. Valentine




De Mandie Rae for whom I just bought undies


Penny Stone our Cyberpunk








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Thank you for your response




We are so happy by your response to the opening of our ” Three Strikes’ series with Mandie, Audrey, Mr. Valentine and me.


Wait until we get deeper into the series!



IMG_1495_edited IMG_1500_edited IMG_1502_edited IMG_1511_edited IMG_1515_edited IMG_1524_edited IMG_1536_edited IMG_1539_edited IMG_1541_edited IMG_1564_edited IMG_1570_edited IMG_1571_edited IMG_1572_edited IMG_1573_edited IMG_1583_edited IMG_1589_edited IMG_1667_edited IMG_1677_edited IMG_1736_edited IMG_1762_edited IMG_1789_edited IMG_1800_edited IMG_1811_edited





We debuted our new HIdef process. This is a screen grab from the update to illustrate our new look.







Last night I saw the DVDs to both ‘ Three Strikes’  with Mandie, Audrey, Mr. Valentine and me  and ‘Cyberpunk Punished’ with Penny Stone, Audrey , Mr. Valentine  and me.


Here are a few pics from Cyberpunk


IMG_2048_edited IMG_2063_edited IMG_2078_edited IMG_2319_edited IMG_2367_edited IMG_2388_edited IMG_2447_edited IMG_2475_edited IMG_2486_edited IMG_2558_edited IMG_2581_edited IMG_2912_edited IMG_2959_edited IMG_3002_edited


This team has produced two productions that I am more that happy with. My thanks to both Amber Pixie Wells and Mr. Valentine for improving the quality of our videos without breaking the bank, so to speak.


Some think me morbid when I say this, but if I never go on camera again, I’d be more than happy with these two productions being my last. Kenyan Drake Authentic Jersey

A Very Busy Shoot Schedule




Well, we’ve been busy here in the land of the Punished Brat. It was just a week ago when we shot a production that was written and produced by Michael Valentine and features Joelle Barros. I’ve edited a few pics for you.




hm1 hm2 hm3 hm4


I know you will love this story Much more on that later.


This Saturday we are back in the studio to shoot the lovely Laci Star.



photo (2) photo (3) photo


We are happy to say that Veronica Bound will be spanking Miss Laci.



Veronica hasn’t been on our set since October.  Shortly after that shoot, V suffered a serious leg injury when struck by a car.





One week later we are back to shoot a commissioned work.

The brat will be Mandie Rae. Miss Rae made her debut on PB last night and the feedback from the fans has been amazing. We are happy you liked the opening. I suspect that the scenes that come later will prove just a bit more controversial .

concerned1-1 concerned1-2 concerned1-3 concerned1-4 concerned1-5 concerned1-6 concerned1-7


Who will be spanking her? How about Amber Pixie Wells. Pixie requested this one. Pixie is one of the best spankers in the business. A combination of grace, technique and power.


This will be special






Don’t believe me? Ask Audrey.


If you liked last nights update with Mandie AKA Demandie tell her so.


Find her on Twitter



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