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Saturday’s Shoot: lots of fun




Saturday was so much fun! We all laughed all day. The story is a about the spanking of a punk girl during the 1970’s . The crew consisted of Penny Stone, Veronica Bound, Audrey and me,


I was inspired to write this because of a recent alteration to Miss Stone’s head.






She is really sweet kid…not at all a punk.  Everyone had a great time doing the 70’s thing despite the fact that I was the only one in the room who remembered the 70’s.  Penny and Audrey weren’t born until much later. V was there, but was but a little person then.





Our poor punk girl had a nanny who didn’t go for that anarchy stuff.



IMG_9327_edited IMG_9365_edited IMG_9400_edited



Later the nanny convinced Daddy to take an active hand



penny11 penny12





There was a lot of goofing around too





V seemed to enjoy the similarity between Penny’s head and her lower landing strip.


Shortly after it seemed that we lost V.



penny4 penny5



Well, she got better





Penny was surprised







Penny lusted for Syd Vicious





When she couldn’t have him this was her response








It was a great day








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Earn Your Keep part 1: or their will be spanking






Earn Your Keep part 1




Laci Star and Veronica Bound







Aunt Veronica had asked Laci to finish the laundry as she and Michael had errands to run. Aunt V had a strong belief in every member of the household contributing to the good of all. In other words, earning their ( this is correct lisa) keep. Laci agreed to the laundry duty but decided it was beneath her and took a long nap instead. When Aunt V returned home she was furious with the entitled girl. She placed her over a stool and gave her a sound spanking. Laci’s punishment started over her pants then on Laci’s pink lacey panties. Soon the pink panties were lowered and Laci cried out in pain and humiliation.




earn1-2 earn1-3 earn1-4 earn1-5 earn1-6 earn1-7 earn1-8 earn1-9 earn1-10



To see the video preview




spank here

spank here




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This video is available on DVD as ‘ What I learned at My Aunt’s House’




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For DVD: rub it please






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Last Word on Mr Mike

This will be quick… If one wishes to remain anonymous with regard to shooting adult material, I think it best not to go on HBO’s ‘Real Sex’.


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A Special Offer From Punishedbrats




In late July, 2010 Punishedbrats shot its final, large scale series. My brother was scheduled for surgery but a week after this production.

That shoot featured Amber Pixie Wells, Juliet Valentina, Lily Anna, Veronica Bound and myself.

It has ten scenes in all.



Here are a few pics:


These are from ‘ Off Campus’ with Pixie and Lily Anna.


july2010c july2010d july2010e




These are from ‘Juggling Act’ with Pixie and Veronica.



july2010f july2010g




Lily Anna and Me



july2010h july2010i




Property Damage


Juliet Valentina and me



july2010j july2010k july2010l




Check out the DVD


Here, DVD here!!!!

Here, DVD here!!!!



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There’s no room for pussies in adult video production ( funny huh?)

On Saturday I was having a great time. I had written a 1970’s script featuring Penny Stone, Veronica , Audrey and me.

I’ll prepare a few pics for Thursday but this is a good example of the attitude on set.




For the past three years we have been shooting at a studio in North Wales PA. Fairly close to my home in Doylestown.  The owner of the studio, that is in the middle of a home in a suburban neighborhood has always been a bit goofy, but generally pleasant.

Why do I call him goofy? Well, he owns a balloon popping website yet can not tolerate the sound of exploding balloons.  He’s been in the biz for many years.


Our accommodations have always been spartan at this house. Any soap or hand towels in the bathroom I put there. The bathroom has the lovely scent of cat piss as they keep the litter box there.

My team has always dealt with this in a good spirited way.


A punishedbrats shoot is a quick moving thing. We finish one scene and move to the next.  We tend to be locked in the studio for about four to five hours.

On Saturday, as Penny and I were discussing a scene, Mike ( I will call him Mike because that’s his name) came in quite upset that Veronica had gone outside to catch a break. Mike yelled at V, saying that she couldn’t be outside as she looked like a porn star. V was wearing a lovely sundress that any Suburban woman of her age would wear.


Later, as we were shooting, he burst in to the studio to continue his foolishness. V , with great control , just told him that he needn’t worry about her as she wouldn’t be coming back. We were down to out last two scenes as he came into the room with his wild eyed hysterics.


It was on July 4th, when one of Mr. Mike’s neighbors were shooting off fireworks and he asked him to stop as it was upsetting his dogs. Apparently, Mr Mike wasn’t the one  only being disturbed as the police arrived soon after Mike asked for a cessation of fire. According to our former host, this neighbor said ” How about I call the police on your porn friends?”


If people know of the studio activities it was from anything we’ve done. We unload and load fast.


Mike minds other people’s pets for a living, he and his terrific wife. ( She is really quite sane) There are some households that Mr Mike can not go because something he said creeped out the owner. He used to get many referrals from a veterinarian in the area until he mentioned to the vet, a woman, that he had gone to a vegetarian strip club over the weekend.  That killed that deal.

So now, I look for other accommodations, my house will do for the short term.


I can say that knowing Mike as I do,  that either no one said what he said they did or he said something creepy to them.


I’ve seen this to some extent before.  Many in the industry are afraid of their own shadows . If you are, you don’t belong in doing anything that requires your performers to sign a 2257 form . I do believe that we will face some sort of thing from the government sooner or later.


The thing I hate about running Punishedbrats is fretting about money. I love everything about shooting. I think we serve our purpose well and give voice to the inner most fantasies of those in possession of our fetish. Something that I don’t not have a molecule of guilt over , something i do not apologize for.



Aside from this bullshit we had a great time. I would shoot with Penny Stone anytime. We have such terrific and smart brats.



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