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Spanked For Lying part 1 or this is what happens when you call the neighbor girl a whore






Spanked for Lying



Mandie Rae and Audrey Sugarsmack








Mandie had been spreading rumors that the girl next door had been doing nasty things with boys at school. Mandie’s mom was in no way pleased with her little gossip monger. Mandie was taken off the couch and spanked in standing position over her panties. Soon, to Mandie’s distress, she was embarrassed beyond tolerance as her mother removed her panties and spanked upon her bare bottom.  Mandie’s situation worsened as her mother applied a wooden spoon to her naked posterior. Mandie forgot about the fact that she was naked from the waist down and pleaded with her mother to stop as she danced to the rhythm of the spoon.






lying1-2 lying1-3 lying1-4 lying1-5 lying1-6 lying1-7 lying1-8 lying1-9 lying1-10 lying1-11


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Mandie Rae










Audrey Sugarsmack










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Ebola: wasn’t planning on talking about this.

Earlier today I exchanged tweets with


Rachel Kramer Bussel


A sex columnist with the City Paper here in Philadelphia. She provides an invaluable service as talking about sex can be hard, ignorance deadly .



I wish the rest of our news media were equally indelicate in talking about Ebola.  While you may be nauseated, fear would be lessened by a google plex.


No one wants to say on Tv, while people are eating dinner, that the primary route of transmission is shit.   Ebola causes copious amounts of liquid fecal excretion . As much as 2 liters in a day. About 2/7s of total fluid volume. Most die of hypovolemic shock.    In epidemiological terms it’s route of transmission is fecal / oral ..shit gets in your mouth.  Ebola is nothing to fuck with as it is an aggressive virus.  However, if no one with Ebola has shit upon you you are safe.


A fool calling himself ” Ebola” has been spreading qualitatively false information.   He claims that Ebola can be transmitted by air.  Wrong!  If it were true there  would be more than a million deaths in the affected areas of Africa. Ebola , like Hepatitis A is spread in areas of poor human waste disposal.


That’s all on this…if no one infected with Ebola has shit upon you are safe. This variant is not hemorrhagic, but ebola can be that. Like Hantavirus here in the USA.


The nurses who got sick were not provided proper equipment to take care on the gentleman who died in Texas. It turns out that giving supportive therapy in a timely fashion is key to survival. That is, replacing the fluids you are losing.






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Chaos In The School House = a thermic reaction to Penny’s Bottom





Chaos In The School House



Penny Stone and Veronica Bound









Penny was sent home from class for being disruptive in physics class. She berated her instructor for being unaware on the emerging Physics Of Chaos. Veronica, her iron handed governess, thought Penny needed further instruction in the Laws Of Thermodynamics and unleashed an entropic reaction upon her bottom with the bath brush.



As the bath brush was landing upon her exposed and red bottom, Penny discovered that Veronica had a firm grasp of scientific principles, too. A bath brush falling upon her bottom will generate both heat and sincere, yet desperate, promises to be respectful of her elders.







chaos2-2 chaos2-3 chaos2-4 chaos2-5 chaos2-6 chaos2-7 chaos2-8 chaos2-9 chaos2-10 chaos2-11 chaos2-12 chaos2-13




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A Lesson In Lingerie part 1 : a learning experience not easily forgotten






A Lesson In Lingerie part 1




Nikki Sebastian and Julie Simone











In hopes of improving Nikki’s work ethic, Julie had booked the difficult model for the entire week. During their first session Julie gave her bratty muse a hard spanking in hopes of improving her attitude. On This day, Nikki arrived late and seemed to have exhausted her energy at a party the night before. Suddenly, Nikki found herself bent over the photographer’s chair with Julie’s hard hand landing upon the seat of her lacey panties. Soon the panties were lowered and Nikki screamed as the irate photographer gave her model an intense lesson in lingerie.





lesson1-2 lesson1-3 lesson1-4 lesson1-5 lesson1-6 lesson1-7 lesson1-8 lesson1-9 lesson1-10




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Nikki Sebastian









Julie Simone











This was last weeks top twitter pic with Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound







A surprisingly dark schoolgirl story









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