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The Mentor

Dixon is applying to Beverly’s alma mater and seeks Ms. Bacci’s financial assistance and influence with the school to help get her accepted. Beverly is uncertain about the girl, but agrees to take her under her wing provided the girl is willing to do exactly as instructed.
1. Opportunity Knocks




Dixon is not making the best impression on Beverly with her sloppy outfit and poor manners, but Ms. Bacci has faith that the girl has what it takes to be a successful student based on what was written in the application letter. Beverly insists that if she is to offer her assistance, Dixon will do anything she says, effective immediately. This includes removing her offensive clothing and taking a bare bottom spanking for her obnoxious attitude.



2. Shopping Spree


Beverly’s first goal is to ensure Dixon is dressed appropriately for the conservative university. She does not trust Dixon with her credit card so she hands her a sum of cash with instructions on what to purchase and to bring receipts. Dixon returns many hours later with the receipts that show she didn’t follow a single instruction and instead bought more outrageous clothing, posters, and even a fancy glass bong! Beverly bends the girl over on the spot for a hairbrush spanking.





3. Application Letter



Beverly is proofreading Dixon’s formal application letter and notices something is odd. The details of the paper make Beverly think it wasn’t actually written by Dixon herself. After first trying to deny it, Beverly catches her when asking questions about what was written. When Dixon fails miserably, she sheepishly admits that she paid someone else to write it for her. This time Dixon must endure a heavy dose of the leather strap.




4. in Poor Taste


Beverly has Dixon attend a ladies luncheon with her in the hopes of making a positive impression on some of the admissions counsel members. But Dixon only embarrasses Beverly by ruffling the feathers of several of her high society friends. She speaks out of turn, tells an inappropriate joke at the table, and is overhead making insulting remarks about one of the ladies’ outfits. Beverly drags the girl off to a quiet corner and spanks her for creating such a scene.





5. I’m Done



Accepted into the university and several weeks into the first semester, Dixon bursts into Beverly’s office and declares she is quitting. She plans to drop out and wait tables if she has to but she doesn’t need school, doesn’t need dumb rules, and doesn’t need Beverly telling her what to do. Beverly remarks that it would be a terrible shame as she has been reviewing her grades so far and sees how well the girl has been doing. Dixon softens under the praise and agrees to stay, but Beverly says a punishment spanking is in order for barging in unannounced and pitching a fit.









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Spanked For Masturbating -part 1


Spanked For Masturbating-part 1


Jessa Rain and Skyler Grey


Jessa sat down on the couch in a huff after being spanked on her bare bottom by her mother. As she thought of her embarrassing punishment she suddenly found herself quite aroused. She lifted her nightshirt and began to masturbate there in the living room in which she was recently spanked. So engrossed in her self pleasuring activity that she failed to see the approach of her mother. There she was with her fingers in her most private of places as her mother leaned in and angrily inquired ” What are you doing on my couch!?”. Suddenly Jessa was over her mother’s lap once again but this time she would dance to the pain of her mother’s hand, then strap, hairbrush and leather paddle. She pleaded with her mother to stop but she knew under these circumstances she could expect little mercy from mom.






We hope you like what you see. I know it was a blast shooting it.


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Spanking Lizzie Episodes 1-2


Spanking Lizzie Episodes1-2


Lizzie James and Skyler Grey

Missmatched Shoes





Lizzie was called to an after-hours meeting with her boss, who happens to be her big sister, Skyler.
She was confronted about her poor work ethic, and taking family connections for granted.
When confronted by her sister, Lizzie said, “you can’t fire me, I’m family!”
Skyler took umbrage to that, and said “if you want to play the family card, let’s handle this like family.”
She then took Lizzie over the lap and spanked her bratty sister, starting on her panties and, much to her embarrassment, then on her bare bottom.
Skyler spanked her sister’s bare bottom until her cries reverberated throughout the office and were heard by all of the employees still working on their projects after hours.
With little sister placed in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display, a few dared to look in the office only to see the sight of Lizzie’s bare red bottom.
So shaken were these people that they stayed the night to finish that upon which they worked for fear that their bottoms would experience such a fate, too.








History Repeats




Most of the girls at school knew that a summons to Sister Skyler Grey’s office was anything but good news but Lizzie has never received anything but accolades as she is and has always been the top student at this very exclusive school. She was shocked when Sister Skyler informed her that she was tp be spanked for disrespecting her history instructor. Lizzie was certain that the revered scholar had gotten a few of the dates wrong and corrected her in a manner most dismissive. With great reluctance Lizzie was made to come over the good sister’s lap for a spanking with the hairbrush. After a few whacks to seat of her uniform, she concurred that her behavior was than respectful. When her skirt was lifted and the hairbrush fell upon her bottom, protected by only her panties she desperately offered up her apologies. When her panties were lowered all attempts at maintaining her dignity vanished and she could but plead for her humiliatingly punishment to end.

Sister Skyler spanked Lizzie until she agreed to be more humble and never show disrespect towards her instructors again.
Once her spanking was over, Lizzie realized that her humiliations had just begun as she was made to kneel upon the couch upon which she was spanked as sister Skyler summoned members of the student council, of which Lizzie was a member, to come and document the punishment that had been administered.
Lizzie knew that news of this would spread over campus in hours.





and now this

We loved shooting with Lizzie. She is so sweet and creative. We hoped to do a Christmas shoot but other matter got in our way.


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