A Favorite PB Video Of My Brother

Rick liked special effects. That was back in a day when we had all the time in the world. Rick created the super-heroine ‘Sensational Girl’. She was invincible, but when she felt guilty, as when her mother would scold her her powers would go away. Then she’s be spanked for fighting crime after her curfew. The SE was quite good. I remember entering the studio to be greeted with green everywhere. This may have been Veronica’s first scene with us.








 I got two surprise phone calls and an unexpected email.

The lovely Samantha Woodley called to express her condolences.

       As did our own ” Sweet Little Lorraine’.

I also received a lovely email from Rosaleen Young.

Special thanks to Bronte, Ten and Tony Elka for their support.

The video above can be found on our site: www.punishedbrats.com Billy Turner Womens Jersey

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