A Learning Experience part 1: don’t bully or answer to V




A Learning Experience part 1



Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound




After it was reported that Cadence had been bullying another girl, she was called to Coach Veronica’s office. At The Scott Academy For Girls there is but one punishment for this infraction- a painful and humiliating bare bottom spanking.



learning1-2 learning1-3 learning1-4 learning1-5 learning1-6 learning1-7



Now a few video grabs



learningvg1-1 learningvg1-2 learningvg1-3 learningvg1-4 learningvg1-5 learningvg1-6 learningvg1-7 learningvg1-8 learningvg1-9 learningvg1-10 learningvg1-11 learningvg1-12 learningvg1-13 learningvg1-14 learningvg1-15



You can check out the video preview by



Clicking Here

Clicking Here


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