Another Of My favorite vids

 I was talking with Bronte tonight and we discussed an idea for a special shoot for the two of us. More on that later.

 I remember a video that we shot a few months ago called ‘ Brat Spat’. The video featured Bronte. Lily Anna and me. My two daughters were causing trouble as I was on an important phone call. Both were given a severe hand spanking.







 I’ll cover the Lily anna portion of this video another time. That’s a story in and of itself.

The video can be found on our site:

 Now in our clips4sale store ” Faulty Fairytales ‘ from our fantasy section.

Gretel and The Queen of Hearts have been called down to fairytale headquarters for a little discussion about their behavior. As Ms. Susan disciplines The Queen for her acts of violence, Veronica addresses Gretel’s late night escapades with the big bad wolf and others.

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