Audrey Wants A Vacation – part 1


Audrey Wants A Vacation -part 1


Audrey and John





While at a dinner party with several of the upper echelon of the company for which her husband works in attendance Audrey came on to to the CEO in an attempt to convince him to let John have off for a vacation that she desperately wants. When her husband, John saw his bratty spouse in action he quickly swooped in, and took off for home with Audrey in tow.  No words were spoken in the car on the way home.  Once there Audrey tried to be playful in the hopes of avoiding the punishment she knew to be coming. After a quick discussion Audrey found herself over John’s lap and rapidly needed to admit the error she had made. She was in for a long, hard spanking.




I love working with Audrey. I have actually spanked  in spanking scenes that exceeded ten minutes.

Audrey loves the epitome of masculine , thus big John fits the bill here.

Now I’ve written about this before  but in December  just a few days prior to our last shoot, my webmaster , a prick named Glen W actually pirated the entire PB website. He was with me for over six years. He came from my hosting company and assured me that he could update my website. Years went by and the website still says you can get VHS vids here. Glenn was given a deadline of January 1, 2020 to have our new look website online. I was about to shoot was my friend  Mia and Skyler in early December when a scheduled update did not happen. I did the shoot but couldn’t reach Glen.  When I got hold of him I got hold of a totally unhinged young man. His girlfriend had broken up with him yet she went out to fuck other men. He had gown attached to his girlfriends son to whom he had been a father figure for  two years. I understand his emotional distress, but he felt that my timeline for a new website was unreasonable. This was a project in the works for over three years so I was less than forgiving regarding this.

So he held my website hostage. I tried to talk with him but couldn’t do so. I needed to get law enforcement involved. With that my website was returned.  Hooked up with the company I thought I was dealing with all along and due to the size of the site , according to the new folks I needed to have a sever built to deal with us regarding the size. Took us a month to get up and running fully. Fortunately I had put several series in the can as I expected to require surgery on my hip. Our first shoot of 2020 was a terrific thing we shot this week with Mia Mor , Lily Katz   and Skyler Grey.

The Covid 19 thing was definitely an issue. I was not going to put others in jeopardy. I returned to Nursing this year just in time to catch this mutant bit of DNA.


We are up and running. I have had the virus and trust me you don’t want it.

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