Audrey Wants A Vacation


Audrey Wants A Vacation


Audrey and John




While at a dinner party with several of the upper echelon of the company for which her husband works  in attendance,  Audrey came on to to  the CEO in an attempt  to convince him to let John have off for a vacation that she desperately wants. When her husband, John saw his bratty spouse in action he quickly swooped in, and took off for home with Audrey in tow.  No words were spoken in the car on the way home.  Once there Audrey tried to be playful in the hopes of avoiding the punishment she knew to be coming. After a quick discussion Audrey found herself over John’s lap and rapidly needed to admit the error she had made. She was in for a long, hard spanking.



As Audrey’s spanking proceeded she promised to never, ever flirt with anyone to get what she wants. After her spanking John sat his wife upon his lap and rubbed her sore bottom, clearly hoping for make-up sex.







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