Bad Investments and other things














Bad Investments


Audrey and Skyler Grey



Audrey was recently hired by a prestigious investment firm and within a very short period of time found herself in hot water.  She had lost an older couple $300,000 by investing in risky ventures. One morning Audrey was called to the office of the COO,  Skyler Grey, a powerful woman who ran Grey Investments. She did not want word of this travesty leaking out so she needed to find a way to keep Audrey. She gave Audrey the opportunity to remain employed so long as she accepted company discipline. Audrey agreed, but was surprised when she found herself taken over Ms. Grey’s lap for a spanking in a rather open space. Before long Audrey’s bare bottom was feeling the full fury for Ms Grey’s hand upon her now bared bottom

Once the administration of discipline was over, Audrey was made to stand in a corner of the office where her red, sore bottom could be viewed by all.















Wipe That Smile From Your Face



Dahlia Needles and Skyler Grey



Dahlia and her friends thought that stealing as many door stops as possible would be great fun but unfortunately  they, of course, were caught and suspended. Upon her arrival home Dahlia’s stepmother was awaiting her arrival. When questioned   about this behavior , Skyler  found Dahlia’s insouciant response unacceptable and took the schoolgirl brat over her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking.



Once the girl’s spanking was over she was made to sit upon a hard chair next to the Christmas Tree.
“Now you can think of the coal you’re going to get in your stocking “, her stepmom instructed.













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