Bevery Bacci: One more from the top

 Beverly never struck me as a submissive person, but when we first made her acquaintance claimed to be. At that time she was doing ” catfight site” work and one day had he nose dislodged. A situation she remedied on her own. I have a background in wrestling and Ju-Jitsu and attempted to show this physically gifted woman how to best protect herself. She told me to back off, ” I like to be dominated”! ( She didn’t actually say back off..but a C and a K were involved) Over time I noticed a changed in her demeanor. One day she did a scene with Pixie that shocked us all. Pixie has a pain tolerance second to none, but Beverly through her off with her dominating  persona. Beverly played a teacher and Pixie a student who cheated on a test. Beverly paddled the living hell out of Pixie. Never have I seen Amber Pixie Wells so thoroughly dominated. When Pixie attempted to kick, Beverly pushed her legs down. By the end of the scene, Pixie was sobbing. How quickly these kids grow up.


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