Brittney’s Trip To The Woodshed: she really adores a penthouse view






Brittney’s Trip To The Woodshed



Brittney and Audrey








Brittney was sent to work on her uncle’s farm for the summer. When she failed to do her assigned chores she was taken to the woodshed by her cousin Audrey for a taste on country discipline on her bare bottom


After cousin Audrey finished strapping Brittney in the woodshed, the tearful city girl was made to take the walk of shame, shuffling back to the house with her pants down so all could see her bare red bottom
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And now a few video grabs
bwoodshedvg2-1 bwoodshedvg2-2 bwoodshedvg2-3 bwoodshedvg2-4 bwoodshedvg2-5 bwoodshedvg2-6 bwoodshedvg2-7 bwoodshedvg2-8 bwoodshedvg2-9 bwoodshedvg2-10
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