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Rich & Spoiled Wife- A Favorite Video

This one goes back a few years. We hired fetish superstar Sarah Jane Ceylon for one of our shoots. Sarah was accompanied by her husband, Cyd Black. At that time they ran the production company known as INSEX.

 Sarah’s last scene of the day was with me in a story about a young wife with a pediliction for spending money in excess. It was to be an intense scene, but was made more so when Cyd  handed my , the ever so nasty, hairbrush paddle. A vile wooden implement. I remember being deaf after this one as Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs throughout.

 Shorty afterward, Sarah and Cyd moved to San Francisco and sold  INSEX. I hope that it wasn’t something I did.




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Star Brats Profiles- Andy San Dimas

Many of today’s stars started with us. Amber Pixie Wells, Lily Anna, Chloe Elise; Sarah Gregory and Charlie Skye to name but a few. Today I wanted to talk about Andy San Dimas. I remember getting an email from this adorable girl from Baltimore. Just nineteen year old at the time.  I am always cautious when hiring girls to the low side of twenty. When we spoke on the phone she was amazing. We hired her straight away. I remember from her first shoot that Andy cried like a little girl and sucked her thumb when spanked. We adored her from the beginning. One day, over lunch, she talked about getting her last spanking by her father at eighteen. She came from a very religious family.

 One time Andy and her girlfriend arrived at the hotel very late. She was bushed the next day. We put her and the girlfriend in a bed room and let them sleep and shoot her material near days end. We were saddened when she moved to Minnesota to follow her boyfriend. We were even more surprised when we learned that Andy had become an “A” list porm star in LA. She is the XBIZ performer of the year for 2010.  That girl has came a long way in but a few years. When she was first to shoot with us she didn’t known what to call herself. Today, Andy San Dimas is a major star.






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 I am ofter asked if I would hire Miss San Dimas is she were available. I always say, ” in a heartbeat, but I probably can’t afford her’. Yannick Ngakoue Womens Jersey

Brat Spat 2: Lily Anna’s Turn ( It’s Complicated)

 A few days ago I discussed the video Brat Spat with Bronte, Lily Anna and me.

 In the first part of the video, I gave Bronte a hard hand spanking. Then it was Lily Anna’s turn. As I spanked Lily Anna, she started to cry. I’m fine with tears , but , with that being said, we encourage the girls to use their safe words if they need to.  Lily sobbed so hard it upset my brother, who is our videographer and director. For days, Eric ( my brother) and I argued about this. He thought that spanking was too hard. I disagreed. However, I wanted to be certain that lily was okay. I called Pixie, who drove with Lily Anna to and from the shoot. She told me that all was well. We couldn’t convince my brother of this. We later learned that Pixie and lily Anna had long ago become  the best of friends. This knowledge would have helped settle that matter. Pixie claims that she recruited Lily Anna from One Model Place. I am dubious of this assertion, but that’s their story and they are sticking to it.






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Another Of My favorite vids

 I was talking with Bronte tonight and we discussed an idea for a special shoot for the two of us. More on that later.

 I remember a video that we shot a few months ago called ‘ Brat Spat’. The video featured Bronte. Lily Anna and me. My two daughters were causing trouble as I was on an important phone call. Both were given a severe hand spanking.







 I’ll cover the Lily anna portion of this video another time. That’s a story in and of itself.

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 Now in our clips4sale store ” Faulty Fairytales ‘ from our fantasy section.

Gretel and The Queen of Hearts have been called down to fairytale headquarters for a little discussion about their behavior. As Ms. Susan disciplines The Queen for her acts of violence, Veronica addresses Gretel’s late night escapades with the big bad wolf and others.

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Bevery Bacci: One more from the top

 Beverly never struck me as a submissive person, but when we first made her acquaintance claimed to be. At that time she was doing ” catfight site” work and one day had he nose dislodged. A situation she remedied on her own. I have a background in wrestling and Ju-Jitsu and attempted to show this physically gifted woman how to best protect herself. She told me to back off, ” I like to be dominated”! ( She didn’t actually say back off..but a C and a K were involved) Over time I noticed a changed in her demeanor. One day she did a scene with Pixie that shocked us all. Pixie has a pain tolerance second to none, but Beverly through her off with her dominating  persona. Beverly played a teacher and Pixie a student who cheated on a test. Beverly paddled the living hell out of Pixie. Never have I seen Amber Pixie Wells so thoroughly dominated. When Pixie attempted to kick, Beverly pushed her legs down. By the end of the scene, Pixie was sobbing. How quickly these kids grow up.


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