Chloe’s Curfew



Chloe’s Curfew


Chloe Noir and David Pierson

Chloe’s father had hooked his daughter up with a top modeling agency over a year ago. After her first major gig, she came home just as the sun was rising. Her goal had always been to study theoretical physics. So that night after a wild night on the town, Chloe was given a hard bare bottom spanking with instructions as to the limits of her universe.

She learned much that night and would always call her dad if she had a work related event that was running late.

On this night Chloe just decided she wanted to go out with her friends. She didn’t arrive home until after three. Waiting up for her was her dad. After hearing her poor excuse she was bent over the bed for a spanking. The first minute was to the bottom of her skin tight pants. Then those, to her dismay, were lowered and the spanking proceeded upon her bare bottom. Chloe cried as she was spanked by her father by hand then hairbrush.



As Chloe’s spanking progressed, and she felt the sting of the hairbrush and her Dad’s hand, she tearfully promised to adhere to her curfew. Finally, it seemed that her punishment was over, as her father turned her around to verbally chastise her.  Much to her chagrin, he made her stick out her bottom for a spanking in the standing position.

When her punishment was at its end, Chloe was made to stand by the bed with her red bottom on display as tears streamed down her face.








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