Confessions with Joelle and Beverly Bacci

While receiving a terribly stingy wooden hairbrush spanking, Joelle is coerced to admit to modifying Ms. Bacci’s photo too. When Beverly discovers what compromising position she’s been photoshopped into, she is livid and makes sure this day’s punishment is extra thorough.
















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2 Responses to “Confessions with Joelle and Beverly Bacci”

  • tim:

    David ,young Joelle is receiving her big spanking from furious Beverly her botty will be blushing pink at the conclusion still she was very naughty ,best from ,tim,p.s. glad that Pixie got to the party albeit a shorter visit which was a shame for her ,hope her heath improves very soon.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Nice video. I am looking for the rest of this series as I know Joelle is getting the worst “end” of her shenanigans. I still wonder what V thought of that pic of her!