Conflict: Chapters 1-2



Conflict: Chapters 1-2


1. Skipping School


Serenity Rayne and Skyler Grey




Serenity decided it was much too nice a day to spend in school; rather, she and her friends preferred the idea of going shopping. Unfortunately, Serenity’s plan ran into a snag as she ran into her stepmom as she emerged from the shower wearing but a towel.

Skyler inquired as to why she was home and not in school. Serenity was always a brat but today she went over the line and informed Skyler that she didn’t need to tell her anything as she was but her stepmother.

With that, Skyler pulled the towel from the brat and took her over her lap for a spanking. Despite being in this compromising position the little brat continued to mouth off but each act of defiance got her bare bottom spanked harder.


The naked Serenity did her best to maintain her composure as her stepmom Skyler spanked her bare bottom red. Finally, Skylar had enough of the girl’s bratting an upped the intensity of the spanking until Serenity pleaded for her to stop and promised never to cut school again.

Once the spanking was over, Skyler was marched to a window where the naked girl with the red bottom was visible to the outside, epically to her friends who were waiting for her to attend their shopping excursion.






2. School Spirit





It seemed strange for the entitled captain of the Cheerleading Squad to begin a Saturday about an hour before practice over her mother’s lap, but she had been warned several times over about her coming in at 3am.

Serenity attempted to explain to her mother that this behavior was but a good example of school spirit and as captain of the team it was her duty to arrange parties after games. Her mother was having none of this and gave her a few whacks to the seat of her skirt.

When her bratty daughter mouthed off, her mother lifted her skirt, lowered her panties, and began spanking her with a hairbrush she had placed near. At first, Serenity was worried about her team members seeing her red bottom, but now all she wanted was her punishment to stop.


Now that her mother has started spanking in earnest, Serenity has stopped sassing and now is moving her bare bottom in an attempt to avoid her mother’s hand or hairbrush. This punishment went on until Mom was certain that her cheerleader has learned her lesson. Once her spanking was over, Serenity was made to sit upon a hard chair in the middle of the living room surprised with her red, bare bottom pressed into the wood.

Sitting there, she now worried about her teammates getting a glimpse of her red bottom, a humiliation worse than death.





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