Dahlia Needles Us All


Dahlia Needles Us All


Dahlia Needles, Miss Lisa, Mari Sladden and David Pierson




1. Debate Decorum



Dahlia Needles and Miss Lisa


During a debate practice at school, the moderator declared Dalilah’s angry behavior as out of order. Still agitated, Dalilah called her instructor a ˜bitch. When Dalilah got home, she found her mother waiting for her. In this household such egregious behavior is dealt with via spankings. It had been some time since Dalilah had felt this severe sting of her mother’s powerful right arm. However, she was quickly reminded as she was taken across her mother’s lap, her panties lowered, and given a hard spanking upon her bare bottom. As the spanking went on, Dalilah pleaded with her mother to stop. Her mother said she would stop spanking her with her hand. Instead, she took off one of Dalilah’s shoes and spanked her with the shoe for a time. Her mother finished her punishment with an extremely hard hand spanking and informed her that she was to walk around for the rest of the day with her skirt raised and panties lowered so that all could see what happens when such behavior occurs in this family.






2. Therapy


Dahlia had been sent to yet another in a long line of therapists. Her behavior has been of great concern to her parents. Dahlia thought that she would be dealing with another therapist who she could manipulate into having her parents giving her more things. She quickly learned that Mari is a different sort of therapist who specializes in the alteration of behavior in brats. Quickly, Dahlia found herself over her therapist’s lap for a hard spanking.
During her over-the-knee spanking therapy, Dahlia made the mistake of are referring to her clinician as a bitch and suddenly found herself face down on the therapy couch with a therapist spanking her bare bottom even harder and discovered just how strict her new therapist can be. After her spanking, Dahlia was placed in the corner to contemplate what had happened. All Dahlia could think of was how to be good until her next session.






3. The Punk Rocker and her Manager



Dahlia has once again given her manager distress as at her last performance she refused to play her more popular songs in violation of her contract with the promoter. Dahlia noted that she does things according to the punk ethic and does things her way. Then Mari decided to do a slam dance upon Dahlia’s bottom right there on the roof where everyone could hear.
Once Dahlia’s spanking for contract violations was over, she was taken to the wall upon which she had drawn graffiti. She was made to look at it as her manager spanked her against the wall. After her punishment was completed, the former princess of anarchy was left but a crying and remorseful little girl.




Dahlia- Spanked In the Morning
Dahlia Needles, Chloe Noir and David Pierson



Both Chloe and her little sister Dalilah were throwing eggs at cars at a major intersection on Halloween. Unexpectedly, they were arrested and brought home to their father. He was too apoplectic to deal with it that night but he informed them that they needed to report to him in their pajamas on Saturday morning. He informed both girls that they were to receive a spanking. Neither believed their ears until little Dalilah was picked up by her father and taken over his lap. Then, her pj bottoms were lowered and a hard bare bottom spanking occurred.
Dahlia’s father spanked her bottom until she tearfully apologized and promised to be good. She was made to stand in the corner with her PJs off watching her sister take her spanking. As she stood there watching and rubbing her sore bottom, she couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that their father had promised them both another spanking at bedtime.


Dahlia’s Bedtime Spanking
Dahlia Needles and David Pierson


Dahlia was called to her father’s room at bedtime. She pretended not to know why she was summoned and hoped that being extra cute would spare her the punishment. Her father was aware that she knew why she was there as she was dressed in just her bra and panties the way she was required to be for her spanking. When she saw that her father was in possession of a hairbrush, she wanted to run away. She admitted that she deserved her punishment as she fearfully went over her father’s lap. Dad placed the hairbrush in Dahlia’s hand and instructed her to hand it to him when he requested it. Then, her panties were lowered in preparation for her spanking. As her father’s hand landed hard upon Dahlia’s bare bottom a loud scream of “DADDY” could be heard throughout the house.
Dahlia pleaded with her father and promised to be a good girl as the hairbrush found its target time after time. After a while, she was stood up and believed her punishment over. Instead, she was made to stick out her bottom and take several more whacks with the hairbrush as her father chastised
e couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that their father had promised them both another spanking at bedtime.




I only shoot with the lovely Dahlia but twice. If she were to come back to the area I’d be so happy to shoot with her again.






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