Dark Dance Of The Heart III: The Last Dance?





Dark Dance Of The Heart III: The Last Dance?


Bianca Rose and Autumn Bodell






Attraction At An Exhibition






Bianca was stressing about her big night at the Mitchner. Her multimedia installation was her most ambitious artistic move of her career. On her way in, she was greeted by Autumn. Autumn loved Bianca’s work and said the right words to restore Bianca’s confidence. After the exhibit, Bianca invited her new friend back to her house for an entirely different form of exploration. After thoroughly examining one another’s secret places, Bianca asked if Autumn could stay for a time. She had to let her new object of desire that loving her involved pain as well as pleasure. The tall red head then gave Autumn a demonstration of the pleasure of pain.


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Now a few stills from the movie

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The New Model




Autumn wanted to model for her new love, but in the process she learned that Bianca does not see her work as a collaboration. With her feelings a bit hurt, Autumn became sarcastic in her responses to the artist. Soon she found herself bent over the library stairs as Bianca went to work on her naked bottom and her most private places. Autumn now knew why Bianca told her that loving her can be painful Once Autumn’s punishment with the crop was at an end, she was sure that her marked bottom, thighs and labia brought an end to the shoot. Much to her surprise, Bianca felt that they added something special to the project. Bianca then instructed her subject to raise her arms above her head and then proceeded to closely explore Autumn’s body. While Bianca inspected her armpits, Autumn recalled that Rodin explored the bodies of his subjects in a similar manner. She inquired if she was emulating the great artist. Bianca just looked up and replied, “no, I just love your smell.”



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Critical Mistake




Bianca and Autumn were enjoying one another in the tub when a call came in from Bianca’s agent. She noted that Autumn had picked a fight with a highly influential critic from New York. Autumn, in her defense, note that said critic was making snide comments about Bianca’s work. Bianca took her lover from the tub and into their bedroom. Autumn was taken over Bianca’s lap and given a lesson in artistic temperament. Bianca spanked Autumn until she was certain that she understood her error. Then she placed her punished lover in the corner to admire her work and sexually satisfy herself.


mistake1-2 mistake1-3 mistake1-4 mistake1-5 mistake2-1 mistake2-2 mistake2-3 mistake2-4 mistake2-5 mistake2-6 mistake2-7 mistake2-8 mistake2-11





Now a few stills from the movie





mistakevg1-1 mistakevg1-2 mistakevg1-3 mistakevg1-4 mistakevg1-5 mistakevg1-6 mistakevg1-7 mistakevg1-8 mistakevg1-9 mistakevg1-10 mistakevg1-11 mistakevg1-12 mistakevg1-13 mistakevg1-14 mistakevg1-15 mistakevg1-16 mistakevg2-1 mistakevg2-2 mistakevg2-3 mistakevg2-4 mistakevg2-5 mistakevg2-6 mistakevg2-7 mistakevg2-8 mistakevg2-9





A Loss of Confidence and The Remedy




Bianca was distraught after her screenplay was rejected by a major producer. In this state she informed her lover that she was nothing but a fraud. When Autumn tried to console her, Bianca rejected her praise as the “opinion of a nobody.” Suddenly, Bianca found herself over the lap of her lover for a well needed spanking. Once Bianca’s punishment was over, she felt greatly relieved. Not because that her spanking had ended, but she felt calmed and loved from the discipline. Autumn was to have left that night but Bianca pushed back on the bed as said, “stay with me if just for a little while,” and then gave her reason to do so.




loss1-3 loss1-4 loss1-5 loss2-1 loss2-2 loss2-3 loss2-4 loss2-5 loss2-6


Now a few stills from the movie




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This series was inspired by Joelle Barros who called me one night and told me she wanted me to write a movie in which she would play Marlon Brandon as in ‘ Last Tango In Paris’.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed the series. If you did join us here at PBS-PunishedBratsSpanking


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