Detention Day 2- Gianna and The Strap



Detention Day 2- Gianna and the Strap




Gianna Love, Mia Kay and David Pierson






After a tearful Mia was sent back to her seat to feel the pain of the metal desk chair upon her bare bottom, Gianna was now called to the front to face her punishment. As prefect she knew that her punishment would be even harsher than that faced by Mia. She was determined not to cry but this desire was crushed soon after Dr Pierson landed the first blow with the strap.  She seemed to cry even harder when Dr Pierson used his hand to spank her naked bottom and thighs. After several blows with the strap Gianna promised that her behavior would never again deteriorate to such a level. Once finished Dr. Pierson called Mia forward and gave the girls a few whacks with the strap to remind them of the offence they committed together, leaving a sobbing Gianna and Mia to contemplate to error they had committed together .


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