Disrespectful Daughter


Disrespectful Daughter


Mia Kay and Skyler Grey


Mia was just coming out of the shower when her mother arrived and pulled her downstairs. There Mia admitted that she had called her aunt a bitch. Within seconds, Mia’s towel was removed and the naked girl was taken over her mother’s lap. Soon the entire house reverberated from the cries coming from Mia.
Mia’s mom spanked her naked daughter until she tearfully promised to always be respectful to her elders. Then Mia was further humiliated when she was required to stand naked by the window


Now a few video grabs







I hope that you enjoyed tonight’s presentation. Not sure if I said this as my memory is a tad off, but I have the Covid 19. This really sucks too. So if I’m running a bit behind on some things that is why. Do take care because you don’t want this vile thing.


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