Do you love us?

Well December has been a total disaster for us at Punishedbrats.  I love doing punishedbrats so much that to end it would hurt beyond words. It may not be a choice. The money we brought in over the past few weeks would not cover the fee of any spanking model I know.

We are precariously near the edge of a very steep cliff. If that is our fate then that will be that.  I will not sell any of our work and will continue to remove all pirated material. This week I learned that PB and Sarah  Gregory are shadow banned of twitter. That is not helpful.


Let me say on behalf of PB. We had a December shoot planned that needed to be cancelled due to lock of funds. First time in 13 years.


I’m not bitching but we can’t go on without support.

It is up to you guys.


We are always open to your suggestions. Should we go to one update a week? Others have.

Not saying that’s what I want to do.


Our prices have never increased


17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 6 Months – non-recurring *** yes $50.00 for 6 months


Maybe you guys have ideas you’d like to share. Do contact us.



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