Don’t Ignore Me



Don’t Ignore Me


Kitty Catherine and Skyler Grey



Kitty’s aunt Skyler purchased a brand new phone for her niece. Kitty promised to use her device responsibly, but so entranced is she with her new smartphone she couldn’t even dress properly.
When aunt Skyler tried to express her concern, Kitty ignored her. That is until she was pulled over her aunt’s lap and spanked. First over her jeans, then her panties, and then on the bare.
To make matters worse for the brat, every so often aunt Skyler would take a picture of the brat in her predicament and post it.

Kitty’s mother had warned her that her Aunt Skyler is not one to push. Kitty had some trouble believing this as Skyler had always been very loving.
Now she finds herself over her Aunt’s lap with her bottom bared, red, and sore with tears and snot flowing down her face.
After the spanking was over, she made the girl with the tear stained eyes pose for one last picture with the camera that Aunt Skyler claimed she was posting.





You just gotta love Kitty. I know we do,

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