Dorm Inspection: this is a strict school




Dorm Inspection



Amber Pixie Wells and Lynn Chadwick





This is a never before seen video that was written, directed, and produced by Amber Pixie Wells. We show this as several of her fans requested it and it’s her birthday.

During dorm inspection, Pixie is found to have a forbidden microwave oven in her room. While being chastised she could not take her eyes off of Ms. Chadwick’s think leather strap. All of the girls at the school feared it. Pixie was made to lie on the bed with two pillows under her belly to lift her bottom for punishment. The girl suffered a long and intense bare bottom strapping on her bare bottom and lost her microwave oven in the process.


Now matter how much Pixie wiggled and shifted from side to side, there was no escaping the strap of the dorm mother. When Pixie’s punishment ended, all she could do was lie in place and hope the pain would soon dissipate.





dorm2-2 dorm2-3 dorm2-4 dorm2-5 dorm2-6 dorm2-7


We found the pics to this. Clearly edited by Pixie herself.



Now a few video grabs



dormvg2-1 dormvg2-2 dormvg2-3 dormvg2-4 dormvg2-5 dormvg2-6 dormvg2-7 dormvg2-8 dormvg2-9 dormvg2-10


The video was shot by Lily Anna, a very talented videographer


You can check out the video preview by


clicking here

clicking here


We intend to show the entire series shot by Pixie, Lily Anna and Lynn that day. We are in the process of upgrading the video. Pixie is missed.



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