Dorm Room Spanking



Dorm Room Spanking


Jessa Rain and Skyler Grey


Jessa was surprised and concerned when she found Miss Skyler waiting for her in the public area of her dorm house. It had come to Miss Skylar’s attention that Jessa had disrespected a venerated member of the facility. Jessa admitted to her wrong doing and soon found herself over Miss Skyler’s lap for a spanking. Jessa was horrified as this area was rather public. When Jessa did not seem to be getting the message her initial mortification turned to all out panic when her bottom was bared for a spanking that brought her to tears.


As Jessa was spanked by Miss Skyler upon her bare bottom she was also fearful of this humiliation being witnessed by her classmates as her discipline was being carried out in a common area. Once her spanking was at its end, despite the burning pain she felt emanate from her well-spanked bottom she felt relived that no one else witnessed what had occurred. This feeling quickly evaporated as Jessa was informed that she was to stand in the corner with her red, bare bottom on display for all to witness what happens to disrespectful girls at this school.



Right before the holidays we had the pleasure of shooting with Jessa Rain. She is very new to the industry and young. She had just turned 20 during the week in which we shot. This was her first spanking shoot. When shooting with one so young it is almost required that one must shoot a school scene. It was also good fortune that she was working with the amazing Skyler Grey. Skyler is a terrific top and is skilled at getting new talent through their first shoot. So Jessa was to be punished for saying unkind words to her instructor. Jessa, now in schoolgirl uniform went over the lap of Miss Grey with some trepidation. When Skylar landed her first spank to the girl’s bottom I thought she was going to jump across the room. It seemed that Jessa was going to have a difficult time getting through the scene. After a few hard spanks Skyler, remaining in character, talked to the bad schoolgirl who was now fully accepting her role as well. After that, despite having her bare bottom spanked a bright red, Jessa took her spanking well. That young woman was 100% a professional and a delight onset. We turned up the heat in the next few scenes.

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