Drive Safely : failure to do so puts your bottom at risk






Drive Safely



Laci Star and Veronica Bound







Laci was in an car accident and her Aunt Veronica was told it was because she was texting while driving. Laci informed her Aunt that the accident wasn’t the result of texting, but rather, her shoes prevented her from pressing on the brake. “That’s just as stupid,” Aunt Veronica said as she took her bratty niece over her lap for another spanking. The spanking started over her dress and then her very cute panties. Laci let out a shriek as her panties were taken down and she was spanked upon the bare.


After about two minutes of spanking, Veronica had her niece sit up. “Is my spanking over?” a puzzled Laci asked. Her Aunt told her that she spanked her because she loved her and didn’t want bad things to happen to her. They hugged and then suddenly, Laci was back over her Aunt’s lap for the rest of her punishment. Once finished, Laci was left to lay on her belly and to think about what was learned. As Laci tried to rub the pain from her bottom she wished that she was loved just a little less.





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What I Learned DVD






Laci Star









Veronica Bound








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