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This is just a reminder about some special offerings on our DVD store


We just put out a three DVD set of the entire body of work of Juliet Valentina from 2007 – 2009. You can buy the entire collection for $65.00 or individual DVDS for $30.00.






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You know while I was editing this these two pics were right next to one another.









Another special offering is our DVD of Family Matters and other things.




The Story ‘ Family Matters’ was based on this drawing by Roger Benson






fm1 fm2 fm3 fm4 fm5 fm6 fm7 fm8 fm9 fm10 fm11 fm12 fm13 fm14



The DVD feature Juliet Valentina, Lorraine , Charlie Skye and me. Twelve scenes in all.



The Pixie sale continues until the months end, so any DVD with Pixie in it is just $20.00








So smack here to check out the DVDS

So smack here to check out the DVDS





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