Family Matters on Clips4sale

I just posted one of my personal favorite PB movies. I’ve talked about this one often. It is Family Matters with Lorraine , Juliet, Beverly and me. It was based on this drawing by Roger Benson.

I really think we catured the essence of the drawing and gave it a modern turn.






If you’d like to check this out, just click on the pic of these two sorry, yet very naughty girls.

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2 Responses to “Family Matters on Clips4sale”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I like this sequence because of the different expressions on the spankee’s face. (Not sure which one she is) It’s that contemplation first, then that look of “Please help me” sorrowful look, to then getting upset look. It’s that second picture that is priceless because of the woeful expression and getting no sympathy whatsoever.

    Good one, David.

  • The girls are Juliet Vanentina and Lorraine. Of all the videos I’ve written, this one came out, in tone and visual, almost exactly as a conceived it.