Fiduciary Responsibility : I went to Wharton for this?!





Fiduciary Responsibility



Audrey and Dominic King





Audrey was shocked when Dominic King, the top financial administrator for the firm asked to see her immediately. It turned out that he wanted to address the issue of how one of her managers had provided her boyfriend with information about an IPO and his subsequent investment. The partners all agreed that Audrey’s unique solution to the problem saved the firm millions. It was also decided that as Audrey was the manager of that division she should have been more on top of the matter. The powerful financial expert could agree to take a spanking for her neglect or she could say goodbye to her six figure salary. Feeling completely humiliated, she took the spanking.



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Here are a few stills from the movie



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Five Days In Detention with Joelle Barros, Amber Pixie Wells and Beverly Bacci


This was our first production not shot in our original studio. ( my brother’s loft) This was Joelle’s second shoot for us.


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